Whitman ARC Technician Course Begins March 15, 2022

Whitman ARC logoFrom K1USN Happenings, Feb. 24, 2022:

The next license class [the Whitman Amateur Radio Club] will be offering will be for the Technician (beginner) amateur radio license. Ross, W1EKG, will be starting the class on March 15th, with classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 9 PM at the Whitman Police station. If you are interested, please email WARC.Training@gmail.com. A VE exam session will be offered at the end of the class.

For questions or to sign up for the class, please Email Ross, W1EKG, at bavarianradio@comcast.net or warc.training@gmail.com or call Ross at 781- 447-9104


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