K1USN Volunteers Needed 3/20/2004

USS Salem ARC QSL card“JC” Cunningham, W1AI writes:

Modifications are being made to the ship (adding fire alarm switches, etc.) so that scouts will be allowed to sleep overnight again soon. Meanwhile, participation in the scouting program remains relatively low.

We will have 41 scouts on board the USS Salem this weekend, so the organizers have requested that we only have one activity. We will be doing a combination of Intro to Amateur Radio and HF & VHF Demos in Radio 5 between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.

I currently have 2 volunteers who have signed up. It would be really nice to have one more volunteer, so that we can have the VHF station and both HF stations operating. No experience is necessary. We can show you the ropes! Please email me at W1AI@hamtestonline.com if you can be there!


JC Cunningham, W1AI
USS Salem K1USN Radio Club Scouting Program Volunteer Coordinator

N1VUX’s SKYWARN Interview

One of our own, N1VUX interview appears in Metro Sunday Globe today 2/1, and is written up at our section website. If this link has expired, please find under “SKYWARN” in column to the left.

N1VUX [Bill, N1VUX, is Primary NCS for Northeastern SKYWARN operating primarily on the Waltham repeater. He is also a regular contributor of information on VHF/UHF ducting, using his predictive model. He will also occasionally comment on other unusual atmospheric phenomena affecting communications – W1MPN]

N1VUX Photo courtesy K9HI

Ham Radio Demo Volunteers Needed, January 10, 2004

USS Salem ARCW1AI writes:

“The USS Salem will be hosting its first group of scouts for 2004 on Saturday, January 10, 2004, from 3 to 6 p.m. I need 4+ volunteers so we can do the Morse code presentations and Radio 5 demos. Your help is needed, whether or not you have previous experience. We can show you everything you need to know.

I have to let the USS Salem know whether we have enough volunteers, so please let me know ASAP whether I can count you in! The only other weekend in January that the USS Salem has scouts scheduled is 1/31.

I am also still seeking a replacement volunteer coordinator. Please let me know if you might be interested.”



USS Salem K1USN Radio Club scouting program volunteer coordinator

U.S.S. Salem RC On For FISTS “Coast-to-Coast” Operating Event

straight keyPi, K1RV wrote:

Hello to all other FISTS Club stations!

As stated before, the USS Salem Radio Club – K1USN (FISTS # 9239) plans to be active all day on Sunday September 14th from onboard the USS Salem. We are planning to operate several stations and will be using a variety of straight keys, paddles and bugs during the day. We intend to also fire up some of the USS Salem vintage radio gear on 7058 (±)! We hope to have lots of members participate onboard.We are hoping to have some good participation from other Clubs as well. We are fortunate to have K1VV – Whitey as one of our USS Salem members. He has recently been putting together some fantastic video CD and DVD presentations. He has done them for the Marconi 100th Anniversary event ( KM1CC ), New England Steam and Wireless Museum ( Rhode Island ), W1NZR Field Day ( Ft. Burnside, RI ) and has just completed a presentation about the recent International Lighthouse Weekend activities at N1P ( Ned’s Point ) and N1L ( Boston ) Lighthouses.

These are SUPER for promoting Ham Radio to the general public as well as for presentations at Club meetings. He is now working on a video presentation focusing on FISTS and the C2C weekend! He will be onboard the USS Salem taking photos and conducting interviews. He has requested that all of the participating FISTS Club stations send him two photos ( only two because his dial-up server will be swamped! ) accompanied by the names/callsigns of those in the photos. You could also send a brief summary of comments and highlights from your operation. Whitey’s e-mail address is k1vv@tmlp.com

If you have anything additional to send such as more photos, etc. please send them via snail mail to his Callbook address.

The final product video CD should be something that will be a useful and valuable resource for FISTS. I’ve already spoken with Nancy-WZ8C and she will get the first copy. We discussed having her get someone from FISTS to work with her to make additional copies to distribute to FISTS Clubs and individual members. This FISTS Promotional video can be distributed freely and copied by FISTS members making sure to give artistic credit to K1VV!

In light of the recent WARC regulation changes regarding elimination of the Morse requirement; we FISTS members need to do our part to find a new way to attract people to WANT to use CW and carry on the legacy.

73, Pi – K1RV FISTS # 7012



Head of the Charles Regatta Volunteers Requested

Head of the CharlesJeff Arnold writes:

Once again, on behalf of the American Red Cross First Aid Station Committee, I would like to ask for your help in working the 2003 Running of the Head of the Charles Regatta.

This year the dates are Friday-Sunday, October 17, 18, 19.

Please mark your calendars and get back to me as soon as you can. Please pass this e-mail on to others so that we can bring in some new blood to our team.

Please reply to this e-mail and reply with:

name, call sign
which of the 3 days you can work,
& preference to land or boat position.

I am starting this early so that everyone can get this marked on their calendar.


Jeffrey Arnold


Latest KD1SM Public Service List

PSLIST June 2, 2003
Public Service Volunteer Opportunities in the New England Division

Listing public events at which Amateur Radio communications is providing
a public service and for which additional volunteers from the Amateur
Community are needed and welcome. Please contact the person listed to
identify how you may serve and what equipment you may need to bring.

The most up-to-date copy of this list is maintained as
http://purl.org/hamradio/publicservice/nediv **** Every event listed is looking for communications volunteers ****

Date Location Event Contact Tel/Email

June 8 Wakefield MA ALA Walk Bruce KC1US 781-275-3740
Jun 13 Bethel ME Bicycle Trek Across Maine Bill W1LEE 207-624-3044
to Farmington ME W1LEE@arrl.net
Jun 14 Farmington ME Bicycle Trek Across Maine Bill W1LEE 207-624-3044
to Waterville ME W1LEE@arrl.net
Jun 15 Waterville ME Bicycle Trek Across Maine Bill W1LEE 207-624-3044
to Belfast ME W1LEE@arrl.net
Jun 21 Quincy MA MS Great Mass Getaway John N1PYN 508-588-3250
to Sandwich MA n1pyn@arrl.net
Jun 22 Sandwich MA MS Great Mass Getaway John N1PYN 508-588-3250
to Provincetown MA n1pyn@arrl.net
Jun 28 Princeton MA Longsjo Classic Bike Race Ralph KD1SM 978-582-7351
Jun 29 Fitchburg MA Longsjo Classic Bike Race Ralph KD1SM 978-582-7351
Jul 12 Hanover NH Norris Cotton Ride Walk Rex AA1KL 603-643-4329
Sep 12 Provincetown MA MS Challenge Walk John N1PYN 508-588-3250
to Dennis MA n1pyn@arrl.net
Sep 13 Dennis MA MS Challenge Walk John N1PYN 508-588-3250
to Truro MA n1pyn@arrl.net
Sep 14 Dennis MA MS Challenge Walk John N1PYN 508-588-3250
to Brewster MA n1pyn@arrl.net
Sep 21 Madison CT Bike Tour for MS Scott AA1WM 203-676-1016
to Moodus CT aa1wm@arrl.net
Sep 22 Moodus CT Bike Tour for MS Scott AA1WM 203-676-1016
to Madison CT aa1wm@arrl.net
Oct 17 Boston MA Head of the Charles Regatta Jeff N1FWV 978-536-2842
to 19 rwjeffa@attbi.com

This list is published periodically as demand warrants by Stan KD1LE
and Ralph KD1SM. Our usual distribution is via packet to NEBBS, via
Internet mail to the arrl-nediv-list and ema-arrl distribution lists,
and on the World Wide Web (see URL above). If other mailing list
owners wish us to distribute via their lists we will be happy to
oblige. Permission is herewith granted to republish this list in
its entirety provided credit is given to the authors and the URL
below is included. Send comments, corrections, and updates to:

(via packet) KD1SM@K1UGM.#EMA.MA.USA,
(via Internet) KD1SM@ARRL.NET.

We make an attempt to confirm entries with the coordinator unless the
information is from another published source. We very much appreciate
the assistance we have been receiving from our ‘scouts’; everyone is
welcome to send us postings.

Refer to http://purl.org/hamradio/publicservice/nediv for the most
recent version of the PSLIST.


NYC Recovery Retrospective

On the occasion that is the eve marking the anniversary of the most deadly
attack on our nation, September 11, 2001, I want to take a moment to
recognize the heroes in our community. Before I continue with that message,
however, I believe it is important that we not forget the death and
suffering of the victims and rescuers, and to recognize those of you reading
this message that have suffered the loss of friends and family one year ago
in NYC, or the Pentagon… Much has been said about the heroic efforts of professional public safety
personnel, individual citizens, and our public officials on that day. More
eloquent voices than mine have documented the monumental efforts of the
rescue crews, and the sacrifice and contribution of the thousands of
volunteers who helped with the recovery. I will not try to add to that

I would, however, like to talk about some of those recovery volunteers;
Amateur Radio operators. They came from all over the nation, but
particularly from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Most came from the
ARES community, but also individuals and teams from Amateur Radio clubs
participated. Subtle, but important support for their efforts was also
garnered from family and employers. We (EMA) proudly sent two teams of
volunteers to the New York City recovery area (a.k.a “ground zero”), after
it was certain that we would not be needed in our home community. It is my
distinct honor to acknowledge the efforts of our volunteers in that mutual
assistance team effort.

Within an hour after the attack, ARES volunteers and key club individuals
help activate every important repeater and network throughout EMA, as we
tried to ascertain if the attack was extended to Boston. Phone and cell
phone service was crippled at the time, but as we were to learn that
afternoon, from the public overwhelming it and not from battle damage.

Once the situation had clarified itself, the ARES DEC staff and other key
ARES members swung into action. We had assistance from several clubs,
including a complete Emergency Radio Team from the Boston Amateur Radio Club
(BARC). The situation was chaotic down there, and it took the better part
of two days to get it figured out. My able partner was in this early effort
was Paul Vanasse, W1PEV, of RI. Paul assumed “command” of the RI effort and
worked together with me to send a contingent of MA and RI hams to the area,
once the particulars of logistics and security could be worked out. We
shared information, intelligence, and honed our strategy until the winning
one was arrived at. Those of you, who know Paul, know that he is man of
energy and determination, as well as having a pleasant and positive

On our end, I needed someone to lead our team to the area. He had to be an
ARES “professional”, and available. That was Steve Schwarm, W3EVE, thanks
in part to his employer, EMC, and his family. Steve has years of public
service experience as a ham, and has held various positions in the ARRL
field program. Steve also has experience working with such groups as his
church and the Boy Scouts, and has such understands how to motivate support
in clubs etc. Steve organized a superb team of experienced hams, including
such veterans as Middlesex DEC Ed, N1VSJ, and former Norfolk/Bristol DEC,
Lou, N1UEC. Lou brought his formidable technical talents to bear in the
face of what was originally characterized as “electronic hell” by the LI/NYC
SEC. I also had a most able logistic assistant, Bob Salow, WA1IDA, in
obtaining much needed safety supplies for our deploying volunteers.

It is just as important the note the dedication (“courage”) of the other DEC
’s to remain in our home area. All wanted to go, but they realized that
they might be needed to respond to any possible additional attack in our
home area. Since the attack occurred in the zenith of the hurricane season,
Rob, KD1CY, was needed to respond to any weather exigency. Since the most
vulnerable area to hurricanes is Cape Cod and the Islands, Frank’s WQ1O,
continued presence there was crucial. This was all happening just a few
days after the attack, and we did not know if Boston was next. That is why
it was important to have Bill, N1VUX in place in the city, and he also
worked tirelessly on the website keeping everyone informed.

Finally, I want to again thank those ARES members who went to the NYC area,
performing so well that I received several phone calls and emails praising
our effort. Your readiness, preparation, and dedication were amply evident
to those we served. We even had a complete team in reserve, ready to deploy
to the area for a period in the October timeframe, headed by Carl,N1FY.
Although they were ultimately not needed, their effort to get ready and
remain in standby is very noteworthy.

For those who have been ARES members for years, and those of you who have
just joined us, thanks for being there! My best to you and your family.


Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
Section Emergency Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts Section
Pager: 1-800-759-8888 PIN 1155084
Admin: w1mpn (symbol for at) arrl.net
978-562-5662 Primary/Voice Mail
978-389-0558 FAX/ EFax Voice Mail