Cape Ann Fox Hunt, July 27, 2024

CAARA logoBrandon Hockle, NQ1W, writes on the Cape Ann ARA mailing list:

On Saturday, July 27,/2024, Jim Barber, K1TT, will host Cape Ann Radioactive FB Group’s first fox hunt by car.

Participants will meet at 668 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA, at 11 AM, rain or shine.

The fox will be in Jim’s car (everyone will see it at the start) parked on a public road or parking area viewable from the road.

The fox will be on Cape Ann proper, Gloucester and Rockport, no need to cross the bridges over the Annisquam River.

The fox will transmit on 146.565 MHz at 0.5 watts. With such low transmitting power the fox may not be heard at all until the hunter is within a quarter mile. The fox will play tones followed by my call sign in CW for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.

We will have a two hour time limit on finding the fox. If everyone does so quickly we will attempt a second hunt. Sorry, no prizes, just bragging rights, as this is our first hunt. At sometime in the near future we will also have a hunt on foot.

Because fox hunts do not require transmissions by the hunters, an amateur radio license is not required to participate. we have a few handheld radios we can lend out to unlicensed folks who wish to play. 


Contact Jim Barber, K1TT, by checking out Radio Active Cape Ann or email:

Cheers de K1TT

KD1D Fox QRV in Littleton/Ayer Area, July 19, 2024

Alan Hicks, KD1D, wites on the NEMassFoxHunters list at 7:50 PM on July 19, 2024:

The KD1D Fox is out again on this much milder weekend. 

To find it, you’ll need to travel on Route 110 (between Littleton Common and the Ayer line).   You will likely hear the transmitter when you get to the intersection of Route 110 (King Street) with I-495.
The KD1D Fox  transmits a 25 second voice message every 60 seconds on 146,565 MHz FM simplex with an out power of about 50 milliwatts.
When you find it, please enter your 1st name, callsign date and time in the logbook, as usual.
The transmitter location is less challenging physically than some of the previous hiding spots.  I plan to retrieve the Fox on Monday afternnon.
If you have questions or need a hint, drop me an email at
You can also try the Westford PART repeater  (146.955 MHz – PL 74,4) for information on the area or foxhunting hints.
Happy Hunting and 73 DE KD1D (Alan)

Amateur Radio Presentation to Middle Schoolers, Mass Maritime, July 15, 2024

Barnstable ARC logoLem Skidmore, W1LEM, writes on the Barnstable ARC mailing list:

[Barnstable Amateur Radio Club] members will be presenting to  approximately 200 seventh and eighth graders at Mass Maritime on Monday, July 15, 2024.  This is a two-week program for “very smart” junior high schoolers. Evening programs are presentations o a variety of topics–ours will be Amateur Radio.

We will present from 6 PM to about 7 PM, then do Q&A and demonstration. We will be on 2m (both the BARC 146.955 repeater, and the FARA 147.375 repeater as well as HF on 10m on 28.300 and upwards, depending on band activity, and 20m 14.225 and upwards. We should be on from about 7 PM to about 8 PM .

Please look for W1MA on the air. We did this last year and the students loved it. In particular, the female students enjoyed talking with Shannon, K1WIT, on VHF, so it would be great if some of our women members could join us.

Eastern Massachusetts Hospital Net (EMHN) – Saturday 7/13/24 – 1000 AM EDT

Jeff N1SOM and the South Shore Hospital Group W1SSH writes:

Good Afternoon,

On Saturday July 13, 2024 the South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Group will hold an Eastern MA Hospital Net commencing at 10:00AM.

We realize that some locations, individuals, and groups may be subject to COVID restrictions. We encourage everyone who is affected by these restrictions to utilize their home or mobile stations to check into the net if possible. Even if you cannot reach all the systems being used, please check-in on those you can.

We will use the following repeaters in the order listed.

1. West Bridgewater Repeater 146.775 dcs 244
2. Dartmouth Repeater 147.000 tone 67.0
3. DMR -Talkgroup 8851 Time Slot :1 on the following NEDECN repeaters: Boston 449.175 -5.M CC:1, Hingham 146.430 -1.5M CC:1, Sagamore 145.200 – 0.6M CC:10, Dennis 146.470 -1.5M CC:11, East Falmouth 145.210 -0.600 CC:9, Martha’s Vineyard145.180 -0.600 CC:10, and Walpole 145.380 -0.600 CC:12.
4. Attleboro Repeater 147.195 tone 127.3
5. Simplex 147.420

We will then return to the West Bridgewater Repeater for Net closing.

NET Protocol: Please wait for Net Control to ask for Check-ins. When asked to check in please use the standard net check-in procedure which is: Here is.., un-key, wait 3 seconds to check for doubling, then give your or your facilities call sign, your first name, and your facility’s name.

We extend an invitation to any health care facility, EOC of any city or town as well as RACES or ARES members to check in during the NET.

We are always looking for groups or organizations to try their hand at Net Control duties. If you are interested in trying your hand at Net Control please let us know. We can be reached by sending an email to or replying to this message. The goal is to rotate Net Control practice and the experience among as many individuals and groups as possible.

We thank the repeater trustees for their generosity in allowing us to conduct these monthly nets and the use of their systems in an actual event.

We hope to hear you Saturday.


Jeff N1SOM and the South Shore Hospital Group W1SSH

South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group
55 Fogg Rd. Mail-Stop 42
South Weymouth, MA 02190

Saturday July 6, 2024 Eastern MA hospital Net postponed to Saturday July 13th, 2024 at 1000 AM EDT

Jeff N1SOM and the South Shore Hospital Group W1SSH writes:

Good afternoon everyone,

The South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Group will hold the Eastern MA Hospital Net on July 13,2024.

The NET usually held on the first Saturday of the month is being postponed 1 week until July 13th.

Given the first Saturday in July is so close to the July 4th holiday, and many folks are extending the holiday through Friday and into weekend, we thought it best to hold the NET on the following Saturday.

Jeff N1SOM, will send out a notice with the repeaters being used on the 13th sometime this week giving everyone an ample opportunity to be prepared for the NET.

Happy 4th of July! We hope to hear you on the air Saturday July 13th.


John K1JRO and the South Shore Hospital Group W1SSH

South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group
55 Fogg Rd. Mail-Stop 42
South Weymouth, MA 02190