Section Manager (SM) - Phil Temples, K9HI 
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) – Jeremy Breef-Pilz, KB1REQ 
Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) – Arthur "Bo" Budinger, WA1QYM 
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) - Ed Parish, K1EP 
Public Information Coordinator (PIC) - Bob Salow, WA1IDA 
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) - Rob Macedo, KD1CY 
Section Traffic Manager (STM) – Marcia Forde, KW1U 
State Government Liaison (SGL) - Shawn O'Donnell, K3HI 
Technical Coordinator (TC) - Eric Falkof, K1NUN  


Yes, it's only a few weeks away! ARRL Field Day is June 22-23, 2013.
Amateur Radio's premiere operating, EmComm, and public relations event
-- always held the fourth full weekend in June -- brings together new
and experienced hams for 24 hours of operating fun. Field Day packets
are now available for download and include the complete rules, as well
as other reference items. Visit <http://www.arrl.org/field-day>.

Also, be sure to visit the Eastern Massachusetts Field Day web page at
<http://fd.ema.arrl.org>. Bill, N1VUX has maintained this resource for
many years. It's packed with lots of useful information, like event
rules and regulations, safety tips, a detailed site listing including
latitude and longitude coordinates, and other historical notes.

This SM hopes to visit as many Eastern Massachusetts Field Day sites as
possible over the long weekend. I'll do my best; however, I apologize in
advance if I'm unable to get to your location!

Cape Ann ARA Clerk and ARRL PIO Dean Burgess, KB1PBH was recently
interviewed about CAARA Field Day and Amateur Radio disaster
preparations on the online site MooreStuffOnline.com. 

ARRL Kids Day is Saturday, June 15. It gives youngsters on-the-air
experience and fosters in them an interest in getting a license of
their own. Kids Day also gives older hams a chance to share their
station and love for Amateur Radio. –Thanks, SEMARA's "Zero Beat" May

The Boston ARC is seeking volunteers to assist with communications for
the Boston Athletic Association 10K Race on June 23. If you are
interested, contact AB1RL at his arrl.net address.

The venerable Heathkit Company may be making a comeback. A new website
has appeared, and hams are being requested to complete an online survey
so that they might learn more about "your kit-building interests, your
thoughts about old vintage Heathkits, and your thoughts and ideas about
Heathkit". You can participate in the survey at
<http://tinyurl.com/kzahg2d> <http://www.heathkit.com>.

Capeway RC and South Shore hams mourn the loss of Silent Key Joseph I.
Volpe, Jr., K1JV (ex-AE1O), of Hingham.

Walpole Emergency Communications Association used APRS during the
recent Walpole Days festivities on May 18. Says AB1PH, "It would appear
that APRS properly deployed can effectively track both vehicular and
foot based assets in the field with readily available equipment."

Are you looking for a fun and rewarding way to give back to the hobby?
The Official Observer (OO) program has been sponsored by the ARRL for
more than 85 years to help Amateur Radio operators assist each other to
operate their stations in compliance with FCC regulations. But the job
is not only about notifying hams of operating and technical
irregularities--it's also about reinforcing good operating habits by
mailing "good guy/gal" reports to polite and courteous operators. And,
assisting with difficult radio direction-finding situations. The OO
program serves as the first line of "eyes and ears" for the FCC. For
more information, contact the Eastern MA Official Observer Coordinator
Ed Parish, K1EP at his arrl.net address.

Twelve amateurs participated in the America Diabetes North Shore Tour
De Cure Bike Ride on May 19. North Shore Radio Association coordinated
the event that utilized the NS1RA 145.47 repeater, with the 145.13
W1GLO as a backup.

According to K1WCC, Falmouth CERT members will hold an exercise on June
1 at the Falmouth High School.

Algonquin ARC members have been volunteering for weekend shifts for a
"school watch" at Marlborough High during the month of May.

Nashoba Valley ARC members assisted with communications for the
Townsend Lions Canoe/Kayak Race.

Southeastern MA ARA amateurs were saddened to hear of the recent
passing of Silent Key Edmond F. Duclos, WA1ZCB, of Fall River.

As I type, International Museum Ships Weekend festivities are underway.
The K1USN Radio Club will be QRV, sending out unique "four-sided cards
that tell the K1USN story as well as details on Thomas Watson's
shipyard," says "Pi" Pugh, K1RV. 

Members from the Algonquin ARC are also involved in the Museum Ships
Weekend. They are activating NB1CR from the Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy
Jr. (DD-850) at Battleship Cove in Fall River. They also hope to operate
using the original equipment aboard the USS Massachusetts!

The Eastern MA ARRL cabinet held the second of its quarterly meetings
in Hopkinton on May 29. 

ARRL Affiliated Club presidents or their representatives are invited to
attend the upcoming New England Division Cabinet Meeting on June 29 in
Westborough. RSVP to K1KI at his arrl.org address.

Congrats to the Cape Ann ARA for once again reaching its goal of
awarding four $250 scholarships to deserving Cape Ann High School
seniors who are pursuing higher education. Over the past three years,
CAARA members have raised $2500 in scholarship funds.

The Team HAMCOW/Martha's Vineyard DXpedition on May 2-5 was a great
success, according to N1JOY. "Throughout the weekend we had fifteen
hams attend, and everybody had a great time. We had several newbies on
board and they all fit right in like they were old pros." Roland says
the group nearly doubled its score over last year's New England QSO
Party event.

Speaking of NEQP, Les, NI1L reports he and W1HIS operated in
"semi-rare" Suffolk County from the Northeastern University Wireless
Club, W1KBN. Said Les: "Despite the antenna troubles we had a ton of
fun operating and we made more than 700 QSOs. W1KBN seems to have a
good location with relatively tame noise level for the center of a big
city." To show their gratitude to the club, Les and Chuck have offered
their assistance with future projects and antenna repairs.

Yankee Clipper Contest Club is holding a joint meeting and WRTC2014
training session on June 1 in Milford.

Boston ARC coordinated communications for the National Brain Tumor
Society's Boston Bike Ride from Waltham to Carlisle on May 19.
Cape and Islands ARES attended a recent communications interoperability
workshop for the Wampanoag Tribe facilitated by the Office of Emergency
Communications under the Department of Homeland security, reports Cape
and Islands DEC WQ1O.

Eastern MA SEC and ARES SKYWARN Coordinator KD1CY reminds us that "June
1 marks the second-year anniversary of a historic day in Southern New
England weather history. The June 1, 2011 Massachusetts Tornado
Outbreak will be a day long remembered." On that day, a supercell began
to take shape in Western Hampden County Massachusetts setting the stage
for the large, long track EF-3 Tornado that traversed the area from
Westfield to Charlton Massachusetts for a 39-mile long damage path that
was on the ground for 70 minutes. Three smaller tornadoes occurred in
Western and Central Massachusetts from additional supercells moving
through the area. 

"The events of June 1, 2011 underscores how important Amateur Radio and
non-Amateur Radio SKYWARN spotters are to the warning process, and how
the timely reporting of severe weather can not only help the warning
process but can also help saves lives," adds Rob. "The near real-time
reporting of the large EF-3 tornado touchdown with initial preliminary
reports in Westfield, the actual spotting of the EF3 Tornado by Western
Massachusetts SKYWARN Coordinator Ray Weber, KA1JJM, and the amazing
remote webcam footage from WWLP-TV channel 22 in Springfield helped to
tell people that not only was this a radar detected tornado but that it
was definitely on the ground and doing significant damage. It is quite
likely that this near real-time reporting saved many lives."

Do you know the difference between a funnel and a wall cloud? What's a
microburst? What minimum size of hail -- or frequency of lightning
strikes –- should be reported? Not sure? Attend a SKYWARN training
session! Upcoming sessions in Eastern Massachusetts are being held in
Whitman and Taunton on June 12 and 17, respectively. A complete list of
training sessions can be found at <http://www.wx1box.org/node/36>.

Are you an antique radio collector? Or, would like to be but not sure
how to begin? Prof. Mike Adams from San Jose State Univ. has a
fascinating collection of videos he's posted on the subject for your
viewing pleasure, at <http://tinyurl.com/mkc6zwz>.

"Last Man Standing" the ABC-TV comedy starring Tim Allen, has been
renewed for a third season, according to the program's producer, John
Amodeo, NN6JA. At least one more ham radio related segment is
anticipated. –Thanks, CQ Online.

Have you heard of that great satirical web site called The Onion? Well,
I'm pleased to report there's a ham radio equivalent called "Ham
Hijinks" replete with great satirical ham humor, at

73, and have a GREAT Field Day!

de K9HI

ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Phillip Temples, K9HI