Section Manager (SM) – Tom Walsh, K1TW 
Assistant Section Manager (ASM) – Phil Temples, K9HI 
Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) – Arthur "Bo" Budinger, WA1QYM 
Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) - Ed Parish, K1EP 
Public Information Coordinator (PIC) - Bob Salow, WA1IDA 
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) – Mike Neilsen, W1MPN 
Section Traffic Manager (STM) – Marcia Forde, KW1U 
Section Youth Coordinator (SYC) – Jeremy Breef-Pilz, KB1REQ 
State Government Liaison (SGL) – Hank Mc Carl, W4RIG 
Technical Coordinator (TC) – Dan Brown, W1DAN 


February will go down in the record books as one of the coldest and
snowiest ever in Eastern Massachusetts.  After what we have all just
experienced, the arrival of Spring and Daylight Saving Time (DST) is
surely welcomed by many. 

I’ll start this month with a recap of my section travels.  I made it
to two events this past month: the February 14th Algonquin ARC flea
market and the February 16th NSRA meeting.

On Saturday, February 14th I enjoyed a few hours attending the
Algonquin ARC flea market in Marlboro and had a chance to meet some of
their club officers.  It was very nice that the weather held off until
later in the day--at least for those traveling locally.

I’d like to thank the North Shore Radio Association (NSRA) for the
warm reception they gave to me and Bo Budinger, WA1QYM, on Monday
February 16.  Club visits are a way for me to introduce myself to the
section, meet as many club members as possible, and help folks get to
know me and other members of the EMA section staff.

Bo, WA1QYM, is Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator
(ACC) and is the primary contact and resource person for each
affiliated club in the section. Bo is available to support and guide
clubs on ARRL affiliation so please reach out to him with your

Bo, WA1QYM, sends out a reminder this month for clubs to begin Field
Day planning. The most important things to do at this point in the year
are to secure a Field Day Site and a Field Day Chairman. Once the site
and the Chairman are known, Field Day planning becomes a lot easier.

As was the tradition of our past section manager, Phil K9HI, your
current section manager, Tom K1TW, will try to visit a number of club
field day sites during the last weekend in June. Given the size of EMA,
it won’t be possible to visit every location this year and so those
missed this year will be given priority the next.   

Marcia Forde, KW1U, Eastern Massachusetts Section Traffic Manager (STM)
reports the section activities of amateurs engaged in public service
communications, net operations, and traffic handling. The ARRL Public
Service Honor Roll (PSHR) is published every month in QST to recognize
individuals who have attained at least 70 qualifying points during the
month.  If you participate in section nets, traffic handling, public
service events, or hold ARRL Field appointments check to see if you
qualify for the PSHR listing in QST and send your point total to Marcia
Forde, KW1U.  Points are earned by participation in six different
categories as described on the ARRL web site at

The following EMA amateurs qualified for the ARRL Public Service Honor
Roll (PSHR) in January: KW1U, N1IQI, N1TF, and KB1CIC.

The following EMA amateurs qualified for the ARRL BPL at the 500 point
Level in January:  KW1U.

Have you heard about the new ARRL Amateur Radio service to Scouting
Award?  ARRL Headquarters is designing an ARRL certificate that will
accompany this award.  The ARRL award recognizes actively involved
Scouting leaders who make a significant contribution to providing
Scouts with a memorable and valuable Amateur Radio experience. 
Nominees must meet at least 5 of 10 requirements.  Nominations should
be sent to your Section Manager.  Full details including how to
nominate someone are found on the ARRL web site at

Correction to the February section news: the dates for the New England
Division Convention at Boxboro mentioned in the February news were off
by a day.  The convention takes place from August 21-23, 2015 which is
Friday-Saturday-Sunday.  My thanks to those who caught the error.

Eric, KV1J, W1 QSL Bureau Co-Manager informs us about changes to The
W1QSL BUREAU. The Bureau has a new postal-address: W1 QSL Bureau, PO
Box 73, Marlborough, MA 01752-0073. The new email address is
<>.  The old Milford, MA PO Box will also remain active
during this transition through 2015. For more information about the
Bureau, please see the web site at <>


Boxboro! 2015 will be held from August 21-23 at the Holiday Inn,
Boxborough, MA.  The website, <>, is up and
running with new material added regularly.  If you are interested in
becoming a convention speaker, volunteer, exhibitor, or you have any
other questions the website shows who to contact.  

Saturday’s Banquet Keynote speaker will be Gordon West, WB6NOA. 
Friday’s Banquet speaker will be a well known DXer.


APRIL 12, Framingham, MA:  
The Framingham Amateur Radio Association is holding its ham radio flea
market on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Keefe Technical School in
Framingham.  Ham exams will be held. Talk-in will be provided on
147.15.  Full information may be found at


SATURDAY, MARCH 14, Amateur Extra License Class
Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association (PAWA). Email John Frye, N1OTY at
<> for information.

SATURDAY, MARCH 21: Ashland Half Marathon
Note: Just as this news is being issued word has been received of a
possible postponement, so please check with the organizers.  The annual
Ashland Half-Marathon and 5K Race and Walk will begin and end at
Marathon Park. Organized by the Ashland Sporting Association, the race
is expected to have close to 1,000 runners this year. HTs with extended
length antennas are required. Race details may be found at
<>.  If interested in participating
please contact Mark Richards, K1MGY, at <>.

SATURDAY, APRIL 11: Tech in a Day
The Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association (CAARA) is sponsoring a "Tech in
a day" session at the Lanesville Community Center on 8 Vulcan Street in
Gloucester.  The all day study course starts at 8:30 AM and ends later
in the afternoon with the FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio license
test. The course costs $20.00 which includes course study material,
snacks and the test fee. For those interested in taking the course and
to reserve a spot please contact course leader Stan Stone W4HIX at

The Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association (SEMARA) web
page <> contains
news about Maritime Radio Day. Whitey, K1VV, is expected to sign using
K1VV/NJPJ since he served aboard that ship. 

The Run of the Charles is a suite of canoe and kayak races for all
different group sizes and course lengths. The event draws all kinds of
participants, and they all rely on hams to help keep the event running
safely and smoothly.  Volunteers for this event must have a dual-band
(2m and 70cm) handheld radio and an antenna with improved gain over the
stock rubber duck.  For more information, visit the race web site at
<>.  Contact Brett Smith AB1RL
< or phone (859) 466 5915.

This class is offered by the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association.  More
information and registration details can be found at


Several clubs in the EMA section had to cancel their February meetings
due to ice, snow, weather, and safety considerations.  Let us hope
March provides a friendlier meeting environment.

The Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association (PAWA), located in Taunton, is
currently holding a series of classes designed to teach interested
Generals the knowledge required to pass the Amateur Extra exam. The
initial introductory class was held on February 28 at Morton Hospital
in Taunton with four highly motivated students. The next class will
meet on Saturday, March 14. PAWA is accepting new students for this
class until the start of the March 14th class. For further information
email John Frye, N1OTY at <>.

Several clubs have helped spread the word that the March 2015 edition
of The American Legion Magazine will include a feature article about
the Amateur Radio hobby. It will also inform American Legion members
about their organization’s own club—The American Legion Amateur
Radio Club, or TALARC. To learn more about how the American Legion is
integrating Amateur Radio into its organization visit

The Pentucket Radio Association in Haverhill has announced some new
volunteers.  Dave Robertson, KD1NA, will be heading up Field Day
efforts.  Jarrod Fothergill, K1LVA, accepted the position of Tech
Committee chairman. David Earle, N1GSC, and Richard York, N1EMG, are
the Technical Committee members. Todd Rodgers, KC1SQ, will be picking
up work on the website.  The next meeting is March 19.  More details
may be found on the website at <> 

Chris Johnson, N1IR, Education Officer of the Genesis Amateur Radio
Club has announced the creation of a no-cost on-line Technician Course.
In as little as 20 minutes a day for 20 days you can pass the FCC
Technician Element 2 examination. Details may be found at
<>.  Please play the
introduction video first and the course navigation video second.

The South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Club is seeking input regarding
which repeaters are preferred for use during their Hospital Net.  This
month’s net occurred on March 7.

The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association is offering a Technician License
class the weekend of May 15-17.  The class is limited to 25
participants.  Registration and more information may be found at

And finally… 

March is one of my favorite months for HF operating.  The arrival of
the spring equinox usually provides some outstanding HF radio
propagation.  But don’t just take my word for it, if you can, check
things out yourself.  

See you next month.


Tom, K1TW

ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Thomas D Walsh, K1TW