MARIPN Net Preamble


Is the frequency in use, is the frequency in use? This is (YOUR CALL) net control.

Calling the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net, calling the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net, this is (YOUR CALL) net control for this session of the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net.

My name is (YOUR NAME) and I am located in the town of (YOUR TOWN). This is a directed net that meets at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,  with the purpose of passing formal written traffic to and from wherever third party traffic is allowed.

This net is affiliated with the National Traffic System of the American Radio Relay League serving the sections of Eastern and Western Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

To check in to the net please give your callsign and stand by. When Net Control recognizes you please give your name and location and state whether or not you have traffic for the net.

All stations are invited to join the net and are encouraged to check in whether you have traffic or not. However, the first call up is for stations with traffic and traffic only. Stations with traffic, callsigns please.

Calling the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net the net holds ____Traffic.

The net is now looking for stations with or without traffic. Callsigns please.

Is there any further business for the net or late checkin’s before I close the net?

Hearing nothing…

This is (YOUR CALL) closing this session of the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net.

Thanks to those who checked in and those who stood by while we held the net.

This net will reconvene on (THE NEXT NET SESSION) at 6:00pm on 3978 KHz plus or minus to avoid interference.

For more information about traffic handling, the National Traffic System or a schedule of traffic nets in Massachusetts, please go to the website at EMA.ARRL.ORG

We now return the frequency to general amateur use.

Good night to all from (YOUR CALL).