Q-Signals and other Shortcuts


The CW Nets are a combination of ARRL CW Net only and International Q signals.

The nets also employ shortcuts.


For use only by the Net Control Station:


QNA – Answer in prearranged order.

QNB – Act as relay Between _____ and _____

QND – Net is Directed (controlled by net control station).

QNE – Entire net stand by.

QNK – Transmit message for _____ to _____

QNM – You are QRMing the net. Stand by.

QNQ – Move frequency to _____ and wait for _____ to finish handling traffic. Then send him traffic for _____

QNS – Following Stations are in the net. *(Follow with list.) Request list of stations in the net.

QNU – The net has traffic for you. Stand by.

QNV – Establish contact with _____ on this frequency. If successful, move to _____ and send him traffic for _____

QNY – Shift to another frequency (or to _____ kHz) to clear traffic with _____


For Use by all stations:


QNC – All net stations Copy. I have a message for all net stations.

QNF – Net is Free (not controlled).

QNG – Take over as net control station.

QNH – Your net frequency is High.

QNI – Net stations report In.*. I am reporting into the net. (Follow with a list or traffic or QRU).

QNJ – Can you copy me? Can you copy _____?

QNL – Your net frequency is Low.

QNN – Net control station is _____. What station has net control?

QNO – Station is leaving the net.

QNP – Unable to copy you. Unable to copy _____

QNR – Answer _____ and Receive traffic.

QNT – I request permission to leave the net for _____ minutes.

QNW – How do I route messages for _____?

QNX – You are excused from the net.* Request to be excused from the net.

QNZ – Zero beat your signal with mine.

QRS – Send slower

QRU – Have you anything for me? (Answer in negative)

QTC – How many messages have you to send?


Abbreviations, Prosigns, and Prowords:


A note about characters that have the bar over them – Characters with a bar above them are to be sent together as a single character.

For example AA (no spaces between the A’s) is not the same as AA. The pronoun AA is used to separate lines of address while AA (with a space between the A’s) means ALL AFTER.


AA – Used to separate the address portion of the message.

AR – End of message (end of record copy).

BT – Separation (break) between address and text; between text and signature

ARL – (Used with “check,” indicates use of ARRL numbered message in text).

DE – From; this is (preceding identification).



GE – Good Evening

TU – Thank You

SU or CU – See You

NW – Now

HR = here


AA – All After ____

AB – All Before _____

WA – Word After _____

WB – Word Before _____

BTN or BN – All between _____ and _____

CFM – Confirm

C – Yes

N – No

R – Roger (acknowledged, not to be confused with C or Yes)

NR = number

PBL = preamble

TXT = text

SIG = signature

AR B = End of message more to follow  Might have number after  ie. AR B1 or B2 etc. (one more to follow, 2 more to follow etc.)

AR N = End of message no more