SEC Annoucement


Hello to all and Merry Christmas to you and your families…

IMPORTANT: I am requesting that ARES team leaders (including new teams from
the 11/9 exercise), and NCS skilled members contact me ASAP as to your
availability and probable location (i.e. you may be away from home with
family/friends). Please respond by direct email, or call at numbers noted
below in my signature.

A major winter storm is predicted to hit the EMa Section area with possibly
significant impact on travel and our community. Of particular concern, are
high winds forecast to develop during and after the snow event, which could
in turn damage the electrical distribution, telephone, and cable
distribution systems. There is some additional risk to the “cellular” tower
infrastructure in our section as well, further degrading the communications
infrastructure. Moreover, if towers and similar structures can be impacted,
so can public safety and EMA communications.

In view of us all commencing a major holiday celebration, and the
seriousness of the threat, I must ask all of you to consider yourselves on
36 hour standby for mobilization. Before I discuss the likely scenario to
trigger a mobilization, I would like to cover the activities you should
undertake now in order to be ready, IF we will be needed.

1. Secure your homes and family, and review your personal needs for a
mobilization. As you know from your ECC class and our Workshop, be sure you
have medicines, clothing, water, and other food and personal supplies. Much
like the oxygen mask from overhead in the plane, you can only help others
after you have helped yourself.

2. Charge batteries, test equipment, review your go-kits and program your
radios if necessary. We will be using familiar repeater frequencies. More

3. I will update you all again tomorrow morning. If there is no message
because of technical difficulties, consider yourselves on 24 hour standby.
If the situation allows a stand down, I will notify you right away.

4. Keep “plugged-in” by email, especially to Rob’s KD1CY weather alert
messages. Monitor the wx radio frequencies and the broadcast media. Watch
for possible hype and mania with the latter, however. Most importantly,
ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY! This message is only to encourage you to think a little
about getting ready while you have your holiday celebrations with friends
and family.

The factor we are watching the closest is the high wind scenario during
which the snow that falls is wet. In high winds, it will be like blowing
wet plaster around. It is believed the vulnerabilities mentioned above will
be realized. You can watch for these factors to help you gauge how close we
will be getting to experiencing problems.

I have attached a frequency schedule of SKYWARN and RACES/ARES frequencies.
Please plan on using the RACES/ARES frequencies for ARES operations, as the
SKYWARN frequencies will be fully utilized. Please note the following
important exception: ARES will use the MMRA network in order to free up the
Waltham and PART repeaters for SKYWARN. Please visit to get
frequencies, PL’s, and locations of repeaters in their network. We will
also use the Paxton repeater for coordination with Western Mass ARES as
needed on a shared basis with SKYWARN.

HF support is also requested during any mobilization. Please coordinate
with W3EVE, WQ1O, and N1CPE, with copy to W1MPN your capabilities and sked.

Let me say again, this is only a notification at this time. Please…enjoy
your celebration and the “White Christmas”. My best to you and your

s/ Michael P. Neilsen
Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
Section Emergency Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts Section
Pager: 1-800-759-8888 PIN 1155084
Admin: w1mpn (symbol for at)
978-562-5662 Primary/Voice Mail
978-389-0558 FAX/ EFax Voice Mail

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