New EC Appointments in EMa

The Eastern Massachusetts ARES leadership would like to welcome the following Emergency Coordinator (EC) appointments into the Eastern Massachusetts section.

Carl Aveni, N1FY, Brockton and Bridgewater EC
John Benson, N1FLO, EC to the Sturdy EmComm Team, and
Darrel Mallory, K1EJ, EC based in ChelmsfordCarl Aveni, N1FY, has been appointed as the ARES Emergency Coordinator for the Bridgewater-Brockton area. Carl brings years of Emergency Communication and Public Service experience to the Eastern Massachusetts ARES program. Carl is an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator and was first licensed in 1988. Carl is a member of the Massasoit, Marconi and Boston Amateur Radio Clubs and is a psuedo member of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club. Carl serves on the NWS Taunton Board of Directors where he is also a NWS Taunton Operator. Carl has been doing NWS Taunton Operations as a member of South Shore SKYWARN, acting as an alternate single point of contact for SKYWARN NWS operations when needed and has been one of the primary NWS Taunton Operators since 1996. Carl has assisted in numerous SKYWARN Activations including staying all night for activation for Tropical Storm Floyd and assisted in numerous large scale Severe Weather Outbreaks across the region.

Carl has worked diligently with the Bridgewater Emergency Management Director to build a team of ARES and RACES operators for the town of Bridgewater and is the Communications Officer for the town of Bridgewater. Carl established a strong bond between the Massasoit Amateur Radio Club and the town of Bridgewater. Carl has also been named the Disaster/Ham Radio liaison for the Brockton Veterans Administration Medical Clinic (VAMC) where Carl is professionally employed as a clinical social worker in the Acute Psychiatry Unit for 35 years.

Carl and his team have participated in numerous Eastern Massachusetts ARES drills. Carl was the first person to have a team of trained Emergency Communicators ready to deploy to NYC for the September 11th terrorist attacks. Carl also assisted in emergency communications efforts for Y2K for the Brockton VA Hospital. The Eastern Massachusetts ARES staff is proud of Carl’s accomplishments and leadership skills and we have recognized Carl with the appointment of Emergency Coordinator for the Brockton-Bridgewater area of Northern Plymouth County Massachusetts.

John Benson, N1FLO, has been appointed as the ARES Emergency Coordinator for the Sturdy Memorial EMCOMM (Emergency Communication) team, which is a team based out of the Sturdy Memorial Amateur Radio Club in Attleboro Massachusetts. John received his technician license in 1988. In 1990, John became involved in the National Traffic System (NTS) and as an Official Relay Station (ORS). John later became the net manager of the Heavy Hitters Traffic Net (HHTN). In 1992, John became the net manager of the EMRI CW Net and at the same time, became active in the Navy/Marine Corps MARS program.

After a 4-year hiatus from active public service Amateur Radio roles from 1997-2001 to spend additional time with his family, a few members of the Sturdy Memorial Amateur Radio Club began working John and put together an Emergency Communication team. John trained members on NTS traffic, traffic handling and became the team leader for the Sturdy Memorial EMCOMM team. John and his team have done two drills, including one that they designed themselves and critiqued on their own. The second drill was done in concert with Eastern Massachusetts ARES last November where they did their first ever SKYWARN mock activation and it was highly successful. It included a field operation with an outdoor EOC setup and people doing mock damage assessments in the area. John’s team assisted with coordinating an Emergency Communications Workshop working with Eastern Massachusetts ARES. John has team members that lead effectively when he is unable to participate and this exemplifies John’s strong delegation of leadership when needed.

John has meetings often with his team and the team is very active Emergency Communications team. John has offered the 147.195-Attleboro Repeater for ARES-SKYWARN Activations and that repeater will be utilized as needed for both SKYWARN and ARES purposes. The Eastern Massachusetts ARES staff is proud of John’s accomplishments and leadership skills and we have recognized John with the appointment of Emergency Coordinator for the Sturdy Memorial EMCOMM team in the Attleboro area of Northern Bristol County Massachusetts.

Carl Aveni, N1FY, and John Benson, N1FLO, will report to Rob Macedo, KD1CY, who is the ARES District Emergency Coordinator for Bristol and Plymouth Counties and is the ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Taunton. Congratulations to Carl Aveni, N1FY and John Benson, N1FLO, on their Emergency Coordinator appointments.

DARREL came to Amateur radio in 1996 after taking classes given by the local VEC. Darrel passed the tech plus requirements and was granted N1YDJ. After passing the general, advanced requirements, he earned the Amateur Extra in April 2000. Darrel is a VE since August 2001. Darrel applied for and received his present vanity call K1EJ. After visiting the Trade Center on Labor Day 2001 and then seeing the aftermath a week later, it became evident that emergencies were possible. Darrel started talking up the ARRL course at club meetings and completed the three levels within a year. He is a Certified Instructor and Examiner by the ARRL and has tested peers in the course. Darrel will use his knowledge to teach other members of his team and to certify them in Emergency Communications. Darrel is a member of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society and the Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford. Diversification is important to keep abreast of community work and to have increased resources. Darrel is a net control for PART training net. Darrel also enjoys growing bonsai and working on midi music, building antennas. (Contributed by K1EJ)

Darrel will report to SEC, Mike, W1MPN, for administrative matters, and Ed, N1VSJ during emergencies. Congratulations to Darrel, K1EJ for his appointment!

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