Frequencies for Monitoring the Iraq War

From Rob, KD1CY…

Many people are watching, listening and monitoring the Iraq War. Below are some additional freqeuncies thatpeople with Shortwave Radios can monitor. This includes military freqeuncies to monitor war operations and Arab Shortwave Radio Broadcasters. Also, I’ve found that the BBC World Service on 5975 KHz which is on during the evening hours from around 6 PM EST [2300Z] on is also an excellent source of information. Below is an email provided by Terry Stader, KA8SCP through the Popular Communications Email list. This email was resent over the Billerica Amateur Radio Society email list.Monitoring The Iraq War

As the world waits and watches Iraq, if you’ve got a shortwave receiver with sideband mode (USB and LSB) you can hear certain military communications related to the conflict including many long-distance GHFS (Global HF System) stations including Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) and Skyking messages which are high-priority messages for air and ground stations.

Frequencies to monitor (in the USB mode) include: 4709, 4724, 6712, 6739, 8992, 11175, 11271, 15038 (11175 is a very active frequency most of the time)

Shortwave broadcasts from the Middle East that you can hear with a reasonable antenna include the following. Note that UTC (Universal Time) is 5 hours ahead of EST [4 ahead of EDT effective Apr 6]. Note that because the changing situation in the area these times and frequencies are subject to change; of course checking the frequencies from time to time is your best bet of hearing a broadcast.

Egypt, Radio Cairo on 9900 at 2315 UTC

Iran, Voice of the Islamic Republic, Tehran on 9022 at 1030 UTC (also on 9835 and 11970) Iran also on 13730 and 13745 at 1330 UTC.

Iraq, Radio Baghdad on 11787 (varies slightly to 11785) at 2000 UTC. Also check 15265, 15375, 15385, 21470 at 1100 UTC.

Israel, Kol Israel on 6280, 7475, 9435 at 0500 (also on 11605). Israel also on 15640, 17535 and 6220 at 2000 UTC. Also check 1700 UTC on 17545. At 1900 UTC on 11605, 15615 and 17545.

Kuwait (Radio Kuwait) on 11990 kHz at 1800 UTC. Also check 15110 kHz.

Syria, Radio Damascus on 12085 (and 13610 frequently) at 0500 and 2000 UTC

Turkey, Voice of Turkey, Ankara on 11960 and 12000 at 2100 UTC; on 6020 at 0400 and 2300 UTC

United Arab Emirates Radio, Dubai on 13675, 15395 at 0020, 1330 UTC; 15395 at 0030; 0200 on 15395 and 15370.

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