New MA RACES Plan Available

RACES logoTom Kinahan, N1CPE wrote:

We’ve spent some time updating procedures for the Massachusetts RACES program, including defining the Massachusetts Emergency Frequency Plan or MEFP, updating net operation activities requiring the usage of and defining the terms “Over”, “Out” and “Break” in the course of a controlled net to indicate what the NCS requests, a list of available VHF Simplex frequencies to pass traffic or other coordination, updated contact information on RACES, ARES, SKYWARN and MARS leadership, updated sample RACES appointment forms and updated club contact information courtesy of the ARRL.

Please download a copy and keep it with your station records.
This document is dated July 1, 2003 and approved by myself, Steve Finks W1SBF the State Communications Officer, and Stephen McGrail the Director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. Accept no substitutes or previous versions at this time.

Get your copy at:


Please forward this message as needed for the widest distribution among Amateur Radio Operators in Massachusetts.

Thank you,

Tom Kinahan N1CPE
Massachusetts State RACES Radio Officer

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