Billerica ARS “Yankee Doodle Day” Amateur Radio Exhibit

Billerica flagKen, WO1N writes:

Art, NF1A and I will be manning a BARS info booth on Saturday, September 13th, all day at the Billerica Yankee Doodle Day Town Celebration.

We will have an operating HF station and will be passing out achievement certificates to the youngsters who successfully send their names via CW on a Code Practice Oscillator.

While we’ve got this down to pretty much a two-man show, we would appreciate it if you could stop by and help out with “Booth Duty” to give us the opportunity for the occasional break. Even a half an hour would be great. While our spouses generally help out, the more the merrier.

As mentioned, Art and I will be there around 8:00 to begin set up. We will be at spot 22, the same spot we have been at for the past four years. It is located on the back side of the Billerica High School, across from the Hallenberg Ice Skating rink.

We will be monitoring 147.12 and look forward to hearing from you.


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