Schlotzsky Exercise Guidance

First, notes from tonight’s conference call WRT the Schlotzsky Regional Exercise

*7280 daytime secondary
*3965 CT working
*Balloon named Waldo. When sighted, use 28380 2100-2300 local low power and report contact as emergency traffic. People join from ENY, MA to pass the word
*3943/3937 for eastern and western MA per K1VSJ
*3915 RC
*3918 ENY. ENY wants to work other section freqs
*3948 where to meet interstate/interagency
*3968 ENY is now trying
*Internet stay up in real time for email. May be “taken down” for exercise
*Rob says test internet then transfer to HF
*Ron ? Echolink in CT
*Wilberham and Vernon CT on IRLP
*Rob recommending IRLP and Echolink
*Rob briefing on wx disclosures
*Regional comms IRLP
*Regional comms HF
*Bulletins on HF and Packet
*Rob says BBS is good at NWS. CT people need to set one up?

General Info:

*The exercise scenario is regionwide impairment caused by release of massive cloud from Schlotzsky brewery in eastern PA. Theme of exercise is regionwide coordination of ARES response.
*The exercise starts at 1700 Friday 17 Oct, and ends approximately 1300 Saturday 18 Oct.
*Exercise docs in Schlotzsky Yahoo! site.
*Many of the emails there as well.
*We play mostly reactively. We can do some local improvisation if we want to.
*Use 53.31 to coordinate, and IRLP freqs Rob will announce. Negotiate use of any other appropriate repeater freqs.
*No RACES leadership stations will be up in EMa for this exercise.

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