SATERN in “Stand-by” Mode for New Year’s Eve

SATERN logoThe Massachusetts Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (MaSATERN) is preparing itself for possible activation on New Year’s Eve, acccording to MA SATERN Coordinator Frank Murphy, N1DHW. “In keeping with our tradition of being prepared, the MaSATERN ARC will provide ham operators to staff the Salvation Army/ Boston EOC. The Sharon backup Emergency Operations Center will not be operational unless required by an incident. And the mobile communications van is also operational.”

Murphy and other operators will monitor local police, fire and Amateur Radio frequencies during this period. If necessary, they will activate an ARES Net on 146.640 as well as operate on 53.31 MHz.

Murphy added, “The Salvation Army Massachusetts Disaster Services Operation has been ordered to ‘Stand-by Alert Status’ for the remainder of the holiday period.”

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