Massasoit ARA Participates in Pilgrim Nuke Drill

Pilgrim Nuke Drill at Bridgewater EOC, photo #1Eight members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association assisted the Bridgewater Emergency Operations Center in conducting a mock disaster scenerio at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant on April 14, 2004. The scenario called for an aircraft to crash into the containment building at the plant, leading to a small release of radioactive material and an accompanying evacuation.

Bridgewater EOC Director Herb Lemon, KC1ZW and Communications Officer Carl Aveni, N1FY led the exercise, while Joe Serilla, W1JOE and Phil McNamara, N1XTB acted as assistant Communications Officers. Harry Ketler, W1DGD, operated the 440 link, and Gil Follett, W1GMF, worked on Packet/NTS. Allan Cox, K1VQ and Roy Logan, KB1CYV operated the Citizens Band and municipal radios, while Bob Mandeville, N1EDM operated the 2-meter station. Additionally, Bruce Hayden, NI1X and several Whitman ARC members operated the Taunton EOC. Mark Loring, KC1ML operated at the Kingston EOC.Pilgrim Nuke Drill at Bridgewater EOC, photo #2

When it was learned that the Plymouth EOC had only 2-meter capability, and could not contact the Kingston EOC (their 2-meter station was “down”), Bridgewater was able to set up and act as a relay. Taunton EOC also showed that it could function as a very effective backup with solid communications. This impressed the EOC Grader who witnessed the scenerio unfold.

—Massasoit ARA MARA News, April 2004

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