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Field Day 2004 The 2004 EMa Field Day page is now up and running at the Section Field Day page. Thanks to a tremendous amount of effort and hard work by Bill Ricker, N1VUX with additional assistance from Peter Grace, KB1CVH, the Field Day page is a wonderful compendium of every resource one could want: directories of all clubs and groups operating in the section, including past scores, maps, locations (GPS coordinates, too!) and contact numbers. Also included is a full description of the Field Day rules. Be sure to check this out!

Current and past field day information appears in this area. The date for Field Day 2004 is Sat/Sun 26-27 June 2004. You can view the rules (w/o forms) at

The 2m simplex frequency to meet other FD stations is 146.550. Remember 146.52 is offlimits during the FD weekend.

=== Note from N1VUX ===

To Club Officers and FD Chairs:

Please review the information I have on your radio club on the EMA ARRL Field Day website. In particular, please note if your current site is correctly described. Proof read the driving directions (which the EMA SM or his Staff and possibly the NE Div staff will you to find your site, along with maps based on Lat-Long) Click the Topo link if your listing has one to check the Lat-Long pos. If the Red Cross doesn’t come up exactly on your site (unlikey unless we nailed it last year), please click on your exact site on the topo map and mail me back the URL of the topo when you’ve got the red-cross just where you want it. If your site doesnt have a Topo link, you can give me the street address and which side of the building / parking lot, or you can browse around on or or any similar mapping program and mail me the URL. Or read the Lat-Lon off your GPS or Map. This website is no longer tracking official club contact information for ARRL Affiliate clubs. You can now make those corrections online. The EMA FD website would like updates for club FD contacts, contact info for non-Affiliated clubs (although we’d encourage you to become Affiliated Clubs of course!). If you will have special technology demonstrations or modes (PSK31, Satelite, …), you can note that. Note the “Visits” entry … this shows who from ARRL/ARES staff think are going to visit you … that have told me. Check it again closer to FD too.


Bill Ricker N1VUX

Note For GPS & APRS users
All Lat/Long coords are either Topo NAD27 or unknown; to get WGS84/NAD83 Lat/Lon (native mode for GPSs), use the CoordXvert link courtesy of which will give you all three formats (D.dd, D.M.m, DMS.s) for both grids (or toggle your GPS into NAD27 mode while entering ’em by number, same as you would reading off a topomap if you want to be really accurate).

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