FRS Course in Wellesley

FRS radiosThe Wellesley Recreation & Continuing Education Department is offering a Family Radio Service (FRS) two-way radio course on November 9, 2004 from 7-9 PM.

“License-free FRS, which is not telephone system-dependent and is free to use, is a good way for senior citizens to stay in touch with neighbors, family groups and friends. It is a short range alternative to cell phones, especially when there are communications outages due to storms, etc.

“The one-night workshop is also good two-way radio training for community volunteer work, e.g., Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Citizen Corps, Neighborhood Watch; and can provide a useful foundation for becoming a licensed GMRS radio operator, or even a licensed Amateur Radio operator (ham).

“Contact Wellesley Recreation at (781) 235-2370 or email, or contact the instructor, Robert McGuane at (781) 235-2055 or email”

—Wellesley Amateur Radio Society The Sparkgap, Volume 29, No. 8, October 2004

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