Nashoba Valley ARC “Sort Up A Storm” For W1 Buro

Nashoba Valley ARC QSL sorting meetingMembers of the Nashoba Valley ARC sorted their way through thousands of W1 QSL cards at NVARC’s October club meeting. In all, 17,000 cards were pre-sorted in just two hours. The cards were arranged into piles according to the first letter of the call sign suffix. They were then repackaged for delivery back to the W1-bureau, for final sorting by various volunteers across New England.

Volunteers included: KB1JKL, KB1HDO, K1LGQ, WA1TAC, W1JMM, W1XP, KB1ESR, AB1DS, KB1LZH, KB1MBR, KD1SM, K1LK, KD1LE, W1ZBT, N1SV, and K1NKR.

—Nashoba Valley ARC Signal, November, 2005

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