“Wiley Fox” On The Loose in Dartmouth

Fox pictureTed Wright, N1OHV reports that a hidden transmitter has been deployed in the Dartmouth vicinity, and it’s waiting for hunters to find it.

“That wiley, cunning little fox is loose again,” Wright writes on the SEMARA-Members mailing list. “He managed to grab a battery and get loose from my basement. OOPS!”

N1OHV says the fox is hiding in an old ammo can chained to a tree somewhere in Dartmouth. The hidden transmitter identifies every 10 minutes on 145.600 MHz. It can be heard from Routes 6 and 195.

Wright has a number of suggestions for new and experienced fox hunters alike. “Wrap a cardboard tube with aluminum foil so you can stick your handheld in it for attenuation, dust off that old handy finder, that old portable yagi, that old adcock, that squeaky Doppler unit, that near-field receiver, that… well, you get the idea.”

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