Eastern MA Clubs Excel in Field Day!

2006 Field DayThe ARRLWeb published statistics from the 2006 Field Day, and Eastern MA radio clubs and groups have once again proven their abilities in this “non-contest” operating exercise.

Of course, the published scores for Eastern MA reflect only a small portion of the story. What goes unreported are other important aspects that cannot be quantified: selflessness and comaradarie; Elmering and training; establishing safety and organization out of chaos; preparing wonderful food (and, of course, consuming it!) and the story-telling.

Kudos to the top three Eastern MA finishers: the Falmouth ARA (K1RK), category 2A with 31 participants and a total score of 8,726. Also, the MITRE-Bedford ARC/Billerica ARS W1ON operation, also in class 2A with 26 participants and 8,434 points. Finally, another great showing by the Nashoba Valley ARC/N1NC crew, 24 strong, in the 2A category with 5,202 points.

Congratulations to all clubs and groups who participated in this famous, annual institution known as Field Day.

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