Wellesley ARS Support For Hospital Emergency Communications

Wellesley ARS logoThe Wellesley Amateur Radio Society stands ready, willing and able to assist the Newton-Wellesley Hospital with emergency communications, according to WARS President Dan Brown, W1DAN. Brown writes that the hospital recently indicated a desire to explore a role for hams to assist in emergencies.

“Mike Healy, a Project Manager for Newton-Wellesley Hospital, wants to speak to us about our antenna on the roof of the hospital as well as Amateur Radio emergency communications.”

Brown reports that he and two other WARS members have already contacted Mr. Healy to see how the club might serve the hospital. “At this time, we have not held a meeting, and they may want us as emergency communicators for the hospital during an emergency. We will keep you posted.”

–WARS The Sparkgap, October 2006

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