President Expresses Appreciation to Amateur Radio Operators

Seal of the President of the United StatesNEWINGTON, CT, Jan 16, 2007 — President George W. Bush has written the ARRL to recognize the just-ended Hello Amateur Radio public relations campaign and to extend “greetings to all those celebrating 100 years of voices over the airwaves.” The president said the centennial of Reginald Fessenden’s landmark Christmas Eve 1906 voice broadcast “opened the door for technological advances” that improved the lives of people around the world.

“I appreciate all who work in radio, and I am grateful to the Amateur Radio operators who provide emergency communications that help make our country safer and more secure,” President Bush wrote. “Your good work strengthens our society and represents the American spirit.”

ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP, conceived and developed the Hello campaign. He says that while that initiative is formally over, ARRL public information coordinators and officers will take advantage in the new year of the momentum it generated.

“As we begin launching the new Emergency Communications campaign, the friendships and goodwill developed in Hello will aid in future promotions of Amateur Radio,” Pitts commented. “For 100 years, radio in its many forms has saved lives and aided in crises. We have a great legacy and a bright future.”

The grand finale of the Hello campaign December 29-30 involved special event operations from W1AW, W1F at Brant Rock, Massachusetts, and GB1FVT in Scotland.

The theme of the ARRL’s 2007 public relations initiative is “Ham Radio . . . Getting the Message Through for your Family and Community.” It will focus on Amateur Radio’s capability to provide reliable emergency communication when traditional systems fail or become overloaded.

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