Hosstraders “Officially QRT”

Hosstraders logoJoseph DeMaso, K1RQG writes on the “Official” Hosstraders web site:

“The October 2006 event was the last Hosstraders. After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue hosting the event. A combination of factors have led to this difficult decision. We’ve been running Hosstraders for a third of a century, but we’ve always done it ‘our way’ and we feel that the result has been an event unique in the Amateur Radio world, certainly in New England. A number of things have been taken into account, but foremost in our mind is that we want Hosstraders to be a quality experience in every way, and not to slowly run it into the ground just for the ride. We want to take things out on a high note, while we can still be proud of our efforts.” [Full story]

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