ARRL Submits Plan to Mitigate Repeater Interference to Military Radars

ARRL flagNEWINGTON, CT, May 11, 2007 (via ARRLWeb) — The ARRL has submitted an interference mitigation plan to the US Department of Defense (DoD) as part of an effort to resolve reported interference from dozens of 70 cm amateur repeaters to US military radar systems on both coasts. Since Amateur Radio is secondary to government users from 420 to 450 MHz, hams must not interfere with primary users and, under the rules, can be forced to cease operation. Earlier this year, the US Air Force asked the FCC to order dozens of repeater systems to either eliminate interference to its “PAVE PAWS” missile and satellite detection and tracking radars in Massachusetts and California or shut down. [Full story]

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ARRL Aiding Effort to Mitigate Repeater Interference to Military Radars

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