KY1N List Goes QRT

The KY1N Memorial List, a popular New England resource documenting Volunteer Examinations is no more.

According to Jim Heedles, WW1Y, “with the increased effort and decreased usefulness, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for the KY1N List to go QRT.” WW1Y explains further: “For the past couple of years the KY1N list has largely duplicated the data located at the ARRL web site. The effort to reconcile the different data sources used to build the list has become less beneficial to the amateur community as the differences between the KY1N list and the ARRL/VEC list grew less and less.”

The list was named in honor of Raymond R. Lussier, KY1N (Silent Key), an active volunteer examiner and team liaison for the Mt. Moriah (Salem, N.H.) VE team.

“When the FCC created the Volunteer Examiner system in 1984, there was a need to provide exam session information to the amateur community and the general public. The KY1N list was started to address that need. Chick Hunt, KC1OX (Silent Key), was the maintainer for many years. Originally, Chick maintained it by hand, using phone calls and the US Postal Service to contact examination teams and gather the exam session data. Copies of the list were distributed to local ham and electronic stores and mailed to interested organizations.

“In the mid 90’s the growth of the internet and electronic mail systems made it feasible to distribute copies of the KY1N list via email to interested individuals. For well over a decade the KY1N list has been hosted by Their support has helped many to earn or upgrade their license.”

WW1Y says that individuals interested in finding information about Amateur Radio exam sessions can still go to these sites:

Heedles thanks everyone who has supported the KY1N Memorial List over the years.

–Thanks, WW1Y

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