Eastern Massachusetts ARES Stand-By Activation for Hurricane Sandy Effective Friday 10/26/12 830 PM Until Further Notice

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Hurricane Sandy is moving away from the Bahamas on a Northwest Track. Sandy continues to expand with a wind radius now 275 miles. The storm will likely expand further and likely have a wind field greater than 350 miles wide. Sandy is then expected to move parallel but offshore of the US East Coast. Multiple computer models are depicting a scenario where Sandy, either as a tropical system or a hybrid/nor’easter system with both tropical and non-tropical characteristics tracks into either the northern mid-Atlantic or Southern New England providing either a moderate to severe impact to the region. A scenario where Sandy moves out to sea is now off largely off the table. 

It is also important to note that most computer models have now begun to trend more towards the North into Northern New Jersey and even Long Island, which would result in a scenario with significant impact to our region.  You should not focus directly on the center of the official National Hurricane Center track, as Sandy will feature a very wide and expansive wind field radius of well over 350 miles.  At the least, this track would create a scenario where most of Southern New England experiences hurricane force wind gusts, at least moderate to perhaps major coastal flooding, and several inches of rain resulting in significant urban flooding.  For further meteorological updates, please see the NWS Taunton SKYWARN home page at http://www.wx1box.org

In advance of the storm, please advise your local EC/DEC/ADEC of your availability to support a potential deployment anytime from Monday morning, 10/29 through mid-week. We are creating a list of availability for ARESMAT deployment if needed for various local EOC’s, Red Cross, Salvation Army, NWS Storm Survey Teams, and hospitals as required. Keep your situational awareness level high for any updates from ARES leadership by checking your email for updates and our ARES web site at http://ares.ema.arrl.org and monitoring local SKYWARN/ARES/RACES frequencies for any updates on this developing situation.

When sending your availability, please send the following: Name, Call-sign, License Class, Capability (HF / VHF / UHF), Availability, and any other special notes we should be aware of. We ask that as you contact your DEC, please send a copy of the message to hurricane@nsradio.org where multiple members of the EMA ARES Leadership will be able to access your availability.

What is ARES Stand-By mode?

ARES stand-by mode is to alert Amateurs within ARES that a mobilization is possible on a wide-scale and that some localized mobilizations are or could be taking place in isolated areas. It means to take a look at your Go-Kit and have batteries and equipment ready to go and charged up and take care of any requirements at home in case a mobilization is required and you can participate. Do NOT self-deploy. Wait for guidance from leadership for any deployment. It is an honor to be ready even if you don’t deploy for the event. Hopefully, this is just another exercise of our preparedness and capabilities. If not, the ARES leadership looks forward to working with you if any wide scale mobilization is required after the impact of this major storm to the region is fully understood.

Thanks for your continued support of Eastern Massachusetts ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Taunton Massachusetts
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator

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