JOTA Ham Assistance Sought, Union CT

57th annual JOTA logoDouglas Sharafanowich, WA1SFH writes:

Good Morning! The annual BSA Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) 2014 is happening over the weekend of 10/18/14.

A JOTA On Steroids
Unlike other JOTA events where Amateur Radio is typically an unscheduled activity that is left to fend for itself while other scheduled activities are being run, we have specifically incorporated JOTA 2014 related activities into our Fall Camporee entitled: “Disaster in East Scoutopia”.

QTH: (10 min from Sturbridge, MA)
Camp Pomperaug (AKA: East Scoutopia), Union , CT (I-84 East, Exit 74).

Did I mention that we are expecting 200 Boy Scouts? 😉

ARDF / Foxhunting
As one of the 4 Amateur Radio scheduled Activities (Mast Building, Inverted “V” Antenna Building and GOTA stations), we have included an Activity called: “Search & Rescue (SAR) – Find the Lost Patrol”. In this case, the “Lost Patrol” will be one of 4 hidden transmitters placed around the Camp property enabling us to run 4 short Fox Hunting courses throughout the day.

We need help in conducting and equipping this 1 Day Activity.
– Specifically: 2 instructors, 2 HTs & Antennas, and 4 Hidden Transmitters (144 or 440).

If you would like to be part of this ARDF/ Foxhunting Team, and can help with instruction and/or equipment, please contact me ASAP.
– We are about 10 days away from this event.


* PS – Also need a few additional HF operators for the day.

Douglas Sharafanowich – WA1SFH
BSA Radio Merit Badge Counselor
District Emergency Coordinator, Region 2
Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CT ARES)
(Home) 203-876-1189
[Cell] 203-494-3885

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