W1NAS Special Event Operation, August 8, 2015

Naval Air Station, Weymouth, MA

Henry Piel, KQ1V writes:

I am very pleased to announce that on 08AUG2015, 1300Z to 2000Z K1USN will be hosting a special event station at the former Naval Air Station South Weymouth. There will be two stations, one at the A4 static display on Shea Memorial Grove, and the other station will be operating at the Shea Naval Aviation Museum (up Shea Drive near or in the old gym). There will also be a VE Session, at 0830 please contact W1OD via QRZ if you’d like to register.

The Shea Naval Aviation Museum is very interesting in that it captures the history of the base from 1942 (K-ship blimps) to the modern Naval Air Reserve units that were based there in the 1980s – to closing in 1997 (HSL-74, HML-771, VMA-322, VP-92 and VR-62). There is a very nice collection of military items, models of aircraft assigned to the base, and pictures on display; several members of the museum were also stationed, worked there, or flew through NZW. The museum is open twice monthly, Saturday mornings from 0900 – 1200 and there is no cost to go through the museum.

K1USN is a very interesting group of hams, many served in the military though not a requirement. K1USN has a “shack” at the Watson Library and Research Center near Weymouth Landing where we operate HF, hold VE sessions, and swap “sea stories.”

If you’re available on the 8th of August, please stop “NAS SOWEY” by for a Cup-a-Joe, looksee at the museum, and cheer on fellow Radiomen, err, ham operators with the W1NAS special event station!

Website for the museum:


Website for W1NAS: http://www.qrz.com/lookup

Website for K1USN:


RM2(SW) USN 1984-1988

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