Run of the Charles, Call for Volunteers, April 30, 2017

The Run of the Charles is one of the most unique public service events for hams each year. It’s a suite of canoe and kayak races for all different group sizes and course lengths. The variety draws all kinds of participants, and they all rely on us to help keep the event running safely and smoothly.

This year’s Run of the Charles is on Sunday, April 30. The full 26-mile course runs from Riverdale Park in Dedham down to Artesani Park in Brighton. Assignment check-in times vary by location, from 7:00 AM at far start points to 10:00 AM at portages near the finish. Since the CRWA relies on hams for all kinds of logistics, from on-site check-ins to rules infractions, there’s a position for volunteers at any experience level. For more information, visit the race Web site.

Volunteers for this event must have a dual-band (2m and 70cm) handheld radio and an antenna with improved gain over the stock rubber duck. These are necessary because many volunteer sites are low-lying areas where it can be a challenge to reach repeaters. If you can help, please write back with the following information:


  • Your call sign, full name, and name you prefer on the air
  • Phone numbers where you can be reached (cell, home, office)
  • Your preferred e-mail address
  • The transmit band(s) of your radio(s), and other equipment you could bring. Start sites that accept new registrations could benefit from a larger setup—think 10W+ and an antenna like a magmount or better. If you’re able and willing to bring that extra equipment, please let me know.
  • Your shirt size
  • Do you have any needs or requests we should consider when making your assignment?


If you have questions about the run, please get in touch by e-mail or phone (859) 466 5915.

Thank you, and 73,

Brett Smith, AB1RL
Public Service Coordinator, Boston Amateur Radio Club

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