Wellesley Veteran’s Parade Assistance Requested, May 20, 2018

Carl Nelson writes:

As in the past, I am a volunteer for the veterans parade in Wellesley and I am looking for radio communications help with the veterans parade.

The Wellesley Veterans Parade will be held on Sunday, May 20 and we hope you will be able to help.

This year — due to a generous donation by an individual — each radio personnel will be given a small stipend of $50 to cover their parade day expenses such as gas, mileage and any equipment maintenance.

The time commitment is: 11 AM to 3 PM on Sunday, May 20 in Wellesley.

We meet at 11 AM at the Wellesley Community Center at 219 Washington Street.

The duties are to get the 125 units in order.  The units arrive at Noon and they are told prior to arrival to go to a specific street and location.  We need to check off that the unit has arrived and that it is in the proper location.  Then we need to start the parade at 1 PM and key the units in order down the street.

A radio communications plan has been developed.

Are you able to help?

Please let me know either way if you can join us.   Thank you for your service and help to our veterans.

In service,

Carl Nelson
Wellesley Celebrations Committee
Tel: 781-929-9095

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