Bulk Traffic Handling Policy

Section Traffic Manager Marcia Forde, KW1U writes:

Hello to all Massachusetts traffic handlers,

Those who were able to attend the annual traffic handlers picnic last Sunday, which included ASTMs, Net Managers and those who handle a large number of radiograms, were involved in a discussion regarding the disposition of what has come to be called “bulk” or “spam” traffic, arriving on Massachusetts traffic nets. As mentioned in the enclosed document, there has been an increasing proliferation of radiograms originated by traffic handlers throughout the US and addressed to other amateurs  whose call signs, names and addresses were acquired from an FCC database list. In most cases the originators are unknown to the intended recipients and these messages have often not been welcomed by the recipients thus causing an increasing number of potential delivering stations to have turned away from the nets. While we don’t wish to discourage the origination of messages which help keep the nets viable, it has become a problem for the health of the nets.

Bulk Traffic Handling Policy” is a summary of that discussion and attempts to set guidelines for Massachusetts traffic handlers. It primarily affects those on local nets and not section nets or above, as local VHF nets are generally the final destination points for delivery of messages. Any messages on section nets not picked up for delivery can often be brought to the local nets as needed.

We would like to implement these guidelines as soon as possible after allowing a brief period for dissemination of this information.   If anyone has comments, positive or negative, they may send them to me kw1u@arrl.net. These guidelines will be implemented effective Friday, August 17.

Thanks to all for your support of the nets.

73, Marcia KW1U


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