Cape and Islands ARES participation in the REPC Regional Shelter exercise 0900 8-25-18

Hello to all,

Cape Cod and Islands ARES will participate in the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee shelter exercise on Saturday.

August 25th. This will be a functional exercise using the volunteer agencies in our multi agency shelter at D-Y Regional High School. Our Red Cross partners, ARES, MRC, CERT, and the Disaster Animal Rescue Team will participate.

Cape and Islands ARES will be providing in shelter communication coverage by UHF radio between the agencies. External communications will be using a new kit featuring a 75 watt VHF 2m radio.

Our 2m VHF station will call a simplex net on 146.580 MHZ FM at about 0900 in the morning. The 2m VHF test will last about 30 minutes. All stations within range are welcome to check in. Please report our signal strength to the net control station along with your antenna type, height, and the equipment/power level you are using.

At 0930 a test will begin with the new PAC digital software created by our own Ron W2CTX. It will last 30 minutes. Only stations with PAC will be able to participate. The software is in its late developmental stages, but has not gone live yet. There will be training for our members before that occurs.

Frank O’Laughlin WQ1O

Cape Cod and Islands ARES DEC

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