Barry Porter, KB1PA, Appointed as Section Manager in Southern Florida

photo of Barry Porter, KB1PAA former Eastern Massachusetts Section Manager is back in a familiar leadership role:  Barry Porter, KB1PA, has been appointed to serve as Section Manager for Southern Florida beginning October 1st. 

A resident of Delray Beach, Barry is a native of Milton, Massachusetts. He was licensed in 1984 and was one of the founding members of the Aleppo Shrine Amateur Radio Club and the Boston Computer Society’s Amateur Radio Group.

“I was very active promoting the melding of ham radio and computing, and did a lot of packet radio. Through packet radio, I got involved with public service activities, and worked nine Boston Marathons. I became involved  with Massachusetts Civil Defense and RACES and later I was appointed as a District Emergency Coordinator and Section Emergency Coordinator.”

Barry succeeded Luck Hurder, KY1T, as the Eastern Massachusetts Section Manager, filling out the remainder of Luck’s term. KB1PA would go on to serve two additional terms of his own.

Barry was involved with emergency communications during hurricanes Gloria and Bob.  “During this period I was a very active traffic handler and a net control.”  

KB1PA moved to Florida in 2004. While living in four-land, he’s been an Assistant Section Manager, an Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator, and an Emergency Coordinator. Barry was the only nominee for the position after Jeff Beals, WA4AW, announced that he would not seek a new term of office after serving since 2014.

Congratulations to Barry Porter, KB1PA in his new role as the Southern Florida Section Manager!


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