PMC Kids Ride, Volunteers Requested, Manchester-by-the-Sea, September 22, 2018

Eric Horwitz, KA1NCF writes on the North Shore RA mailing list:
I have a last minute event that has come up.  I need a few people to help with a KIDS PMC event.
Rick, WZ1L, in Gloucester has asked if I can get a few people to help him with a friends event to raise money for a kids cancer charity event.
The event is next Saturday, September 22 in the AM before noon in Manchester-by-the-Sea.
I know some people are doing a public service event on Sunday as well, but if you can help out I only need a few.
I don’t have all the details yet and I myself will not be able to attend, but I told Rick I would see who I could round up..
If you can help please let me know.  The PMC Kids Ride for children between the ages of 6 and 16 is only a 5 mile ride, so it should not take many people and should be a quick event.
Eric, KA1NCF

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