W1HFN Fox Deployed in Littleton

Barry Fox, W1HFN, writes on the foxhunting list on September 15, 2018:

Barring sudden catastrophe, the W1HFN fox will be loose at:  


UPDATE 7:36 AM, September 16, 2018:


Sorry, I left out the important bits;  146.565, it runs constantly, no tones needed.  A 20 second voice ID every minute, so there is 40 seconds of no signal.  Makes for a bit of a challenge.


Hopefully, it will run through Thursday the 20th.  In any event, it will be recovered then.


Good luck,


Barry – W1HFN


2 Comments on “W1HFN Fox Deployed in Littleton”

  1. Barry Fox, W1HFN, writes on the foxhunting list at 1:44 PM on September 20, 2018:

    Picked up the dead-battery fox today.

    Finders were: Bob-W1FDR, John-KM1MGI and “El Perro Del Zorro”, no call given.

    Stay tuned for the next deployment.

    73 to all,

    Barry – W1HFN

  2. Barry Fox, W1HFN writes on the fox-hunting list at 6:41 PM on Septembert 20, 2018:

    Apologies to Andy KB1NXM who was also a finder on 17 Sept.

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