KM1CC QRV for Marconi’s First Transatlantic Wireless Message Anniversary, January 18-19, 2019

KM1CC signBill Kretschmer, N2KNL, writes:

On January 18, 1903, young inventor Guglielmo Marconi made communication history by sending the first public transatlantic wireless message from his station on the South Wellfleet bluffs to Poldhu, Great Britain. The KM1CC Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club operators will talk to hams around the world on January 18-19, 2019 beginning at 1000 Eastern Time (1500 GMT). Instead of operating at the Coast Guard Station in Eastham this month, we will operate from Russ Apgar’s home, K1RTA, in Wellfleet, MA, at 285 Old Wharf Road off U.S. Route 6 across the street from the original Marconi Site. Grid Square FN51av. Operators are welcome to attend. Here are the operating frequencies and modes:

80M 3.660-3.860 SSB / 3.535 CW
40M 7.130-7.260 SSB / 7.035 CW
30M 10.110 CW 
20M 14.260 SSB / 14.035 CW
17M 18.160 SSB / 18.080 CW
15M 21.360 SSB / 21.035 CW



“Due to our usual operating site in Cape Cod National Seashore being closed as a result of the current federal government shutdown,  KM1CC will operate from multiple home operator locations.  SSB operations will still be from an amateur station located in grid square FN51 (a Wellfleet location close to original Marconi station site).  CW operations will be from amateur radio stations in FN42.


 When:  Jan 18   1500-UTC   through   Jan 19,  2100 UTC


QSL card requests- best to use LoTW Log Book of the World.  Please do not direct mail QSL card requests to KM1CC until after the US Federal Government – DEPT OF THE INTERIOR shutdown ends as Cape Cod National Seashore is closed until the shutdown ends.


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