Ops Needed at WW2MAN for Museum Ships Weekend Event, June 3-4, 2023

WW2MAN QSL cardMichael Davis, WA1MAD, writes:

I am still in PEI Canada and will be during the two-day [Museum Ships Weekend] event on June 3 and 4. I am the trustee for WW2MAN, the two-man mini sub at the Quincy shipyard. It’s in front of the USS Salem.

As of this moment, Henry Brown, K1WCC ( former trustee), K1WCC@comcast.net, has agreed to operate on Saturday and be the “go to” guy in my absence. So I’m looking for another (or more) ops for Saturday and Sunday. As little as a few hours or for the day, either Saturday or Sunday. 

Thanks and 73.

ETO WinLink Exercise – Friday Evening 5/12/23-Early Monday Morning 5/15/23 & Cape Cod ARES District Test Exercise – “Spring Comm” – Saturday 5/13/23 1000 AM-1200 PM EDT

Hello to all…
The Emergency Training Organization (ETO) WinLink Exercise begins this Friday Evening 5/12/23 through early Monday Morning 5/15/23 where participants have a wide range of time to send a Winlink message via ETO instructions from 800 PM EDT – Friday Evening 5/12/23 through 259 AM EDT Monday Morning 5/15/23. We encourage all Amateurs in the Eastern Massachusetts and surrounding sections who have Winlink capability to participate in this exercise. Details are available at the following link: https://ema.arrl.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Semi-Annual-Drill-05-13-2023-ICS-213-v1_6.pdf
Coincident to the WinLink Exercise, Cape Cod and Islands ARES will hold its Cape Cod ARES District Test Exercise – “Spring Comm” Saturday 5/13/23 1000 AM-1200 PM EDT. Amateur Operators outside of the Cape Cod ARES district are welcome to participate. The Cape Cod ARES Exercise plan and supporting documents can be seen at the following links:
Cape Cod ARES Test Exercise – “Spring Comm” Plan:
We hope folks who are available can participate in the ETO Winlink Exercise and Cape Cod ARES District Test Exercise “Spring Comm”. Thanks to all for their support!

Respectfully Submitted,


Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com
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Joint, Marlborough – Stow Mass Local ARES Drill & WinLink Training – 06 May 2023

Marlborough Emergency Management – Amateur Call N1EM
Report of Communications Drill – 06 May 2023
Location – EOC – Central Fire Station – Maple St, Marlborough

This was a drill to activate the EOC, test radio communication setup, train new operators and partner with the Stow/ West Middlesex team. The Stow net information will be in the Stow report.

Setup – 9:30 AM to 10 AM
Drill – 10 AM to 12 Noon

Participants at the EOC:
Geroge Conrad N1ABC
Glenn Ghidaleson WA2KRS
Susan Benua WB2OSY
Frank McInnis K1IX
Eric Williams KV1J
EMA Director Fred Flynn
Participants at the Crow Island auxiliary location:
Ron Lahti N1CNG
Steve Babbitt KC1LPZ
Howard Shpegel AC1MN

VHF – 147.435 MHz (W. Middlesex Net) – 1000 -1030 hrs:
Checked into the net using the W1STO remote base. Jeremy, W1NJD, was the net control from the Stow Fire Station.

UHF – 446.675 MHz (N1EM/R Marlborough) – 1030 – 1045 hrs:
George N1ABC ran the net for area check-ins.
There were a total of 13 check-ins.

VHF – 147.240 MHz (KV1J/R Marlborough) – 1045 – 1100 hrs:
Glen WA2KRS ran the net for area check-ins.
There were a total of 12 check-ins.

HF Radio – 75 Meters – 3930 KHz:
Radio – IC-7300 into the Off-Centered Dipole.
Frank K1IX called for stations. Contacted WG1V, KC1RP and W1STO, all in Stow MA

HF Radio – 60 Meters – 5330.5 KHz:
Radio – IC-7300 into the Off-Centered Dipole.
George N1ABC called for stations. Contacted K1QAR in Fairhaven MA and K1OF in Westport CT.

HF Radio – 6 Meters – 53.310 MHz Mt Wachusett Repeater
Radio – IC-7300 and IC-706 into the Off-Centered Dipole.
Heard W1IS, WG1V and N1WSD. Had problems with the memory setting on the PL tone on the IC-7300 and by the time we had it switched to the IC-706 the stations were gone. The action is that we need to get the memory channels for 75, 60 and 6M programmed in the new IC-7300.

Radios – Non-Amateur:
MEMA State Control was contacted on the State/MEMA 800 MHz frequency for a radio test.

EOC Computer Capability:
We logged into the MEMA WebEOC system. Information was projected on the EOC large display.

We met all our objectives of activating, testing the different communications systems at the Marlborough EOC and collaborating with the Stow ARES team. For our operators running the two nets on UHF and VHF it was a first time for them operating at the EOC. They were given an assignment with no prewarning or preparation and needed to figure out how to make it happen with a minimal instruction. This simulates the reality that we will face when we get called in to assist with communications during an incident especially in an environment that we are not familiar with. Thank you George and Glenn!

After lunch, Carl, WG1V, gave an excellent presentation on Winlink Basics. There were 15 attendees. His slides and more information are on the web at – www.wg1v.org

Submitted by – Eric Williams KV1J
Communication Officer – Marlborough EMA

From Jeremy, W1NJD, with a few comment by Bob, W1IS

The West Middlesex ARES Net was opened at 1000 hours (All times reported as local time) on May 6, 2023. 
Net Control was Jeremy (W1NJD) with Bob (W1IS) assisting, operating from the Stow Fire Station through the remote base, W1STO. 

The following stations checked in:
(1) Stations with Emergency or Priority Traffic:  None
(2) Senior Neighborhoods:  None
(3) New Hams / Newcomers:  None

(4) Portable / Mobile:
W1DJR, Colin, Portable, Crescent St., Stow, All Is Well
W1IS, Bob, Mobile, Parking lot of Stow Fire Station, Stow, No Traffic
KC1LPZ, Steve, Mobile, Stow Cafe, Stow
KC1RP, Mike, Packard Rd, Stow, All is well
KA1GFN, Ken, Mobile, Bolton
N1CNG, Ron, Crow Island, Stow, Erected station for today’s exercises
WB2OSY, Sue, Mobile, Hudson

(5) Others:
WG1V, Carl, Birch Hill, Stow
KB1HKN, Dirk, Lake Boon, Stow, Battery Power
N1EM, Marlborough Emergency Management, Marlborough Fire Station
W1RBO, Glenn, Gleasondale, Stow

[W1STO] – Today’s drill will continue with Marlborough EMA nets at 1030-1045 hrs on N1EM repeater (446.675 MHz, PL 88.5 Hz), 1045-1100 hrs on KV1J repeater (147.240 MHz, PL 71.9 Hz). Followed by HF tests at 1100-1200 hrs on 75 meters (3930 or 3940 Khz+-), 60 meters (5330.5 KHz), and 6 meters through the Mt Wachusett MEMA repeater WC1MA (53.310 MHz, PL 71.9 Hz). At 1200 hrs. We welcome people to travel to Marlborough Fire Station for a 1 – 2 pm presentation about Winlink presented by Carl, WG1V.

The West Middlesex ARES closed the net at 1015 hrs

After the net, W1STO continued operations in the drill with checkins on nets hosted by Marlborough Emergency Management (N1EM) from the following repeaters:
Checked into N1EM repeater (UHF: 446.675 MHz) 1030-1045 hrs.
Checked into KV1J repeater (VHF: 147.240 MHz) 1045-1100 hrs.

75 meter, 60 meter and 6m operations and tests 1100-1200:
Since we’ve had problems interfering with the PA and alert system in the Stow Fire Station we ran only 30 watts on HF.
The noise level from equipment in the building was S-9 making it nearly impossible to hear most stations including N1EM.
Check in was only possible with a relay through WG1V..  The hunt for the noise source will continue.

75 meters (3930 KHz)
60 meters (5330.5 KHz)
6 meters Mt Wachusett Repeater (HF:53.310 MHz) – Checked into N1EM, We ran a 5 watt HT into a tri-band vertical at 25 ft.  Signals were dead full quieting, very much different from HF!

Several of us then traveled to the Marlboro EOC for lunch and an excellent presentation by Carl, WG1V, on WinLink.

73, Jeremy (W1NJD), Bob (W1IS)

MS Ride the Rhode 2023: June 10/11: request for volunteers

AB1PH-Don Rolph writes:
MS Ride the Rhode will be happening again this year on: Sat/Sun Jun 10/11.
We again hope you will volunteer to participate either as:
– amateur operators in SAG wagons
– operators at Rest Stops
– net control
If you would like to sign up go to:
and select: – amateur radio operator for Sat/Sun or both
This year tMS society is providing trackers, so the amateur equipment is simplified.  We anticipate you will bring your own equipment.
If you need us to provide amateur radio equipment let us know.
Please email me if you sign up as an amateur radio volunteer so I can create the communications plan.
Thanks for your assistance in the past and we look forward to your assistance this year!



Don Rolph

USS Salem ARC, N1SLM, QRV for Museum Ships On The Air, June 2-4, 2023

N1SLM Museum Ships On The Air Flyer 2023The USS Salem ARC N1SLM, will be on the air during Museum Ships On The Air, June 2 from 0000Z (8 PM ET) until June 4 2359Z (3:59 PM ET). 

The event will feature license exams onboard, Sunday, June, June 4 at 11 AM.

The USS Salem is located at the US Naval Shipbuilding Museum, 549 South Street, Pier 3, in Quincy. 

For a QSL card, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to USNSM, PO Box 165, Quincy MA 02170.

Eastern Massachusetts Hospital Net (EMHN) – Saturday 5/6/23 at 1000 AM

John O’Neill-K1JRO, Eastern Mass ARES District Emergency Coordinator – Hospital Liaison writes:

Good evening,

On Saturday May 6, 2023, the South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group will hold an Eastern MA Hospital Net commencing at 10:00AM. We realize that the usual locations for some individuals and groups are still unavailable due to ongoing COVID restrictions. We encourage everyone who is affected by these restrictions to utilize their home or mobile stations to check into the net.

We will use the following repeaters and NEDECN DMR system in the order listed.
1. Bridgewater Repeater 147.180 tone 67.0
2. Boston Repeater tone encode 88.5 tone decode 100.0​
3. DMR -Talkgroup 8851 Time Slot :1 on the following NEDECN repeaters: Boston 449.175 -5.M CC:1, Hingham 146.430 -1.5M CC:1, Dennis 146.470 -1.5M CC:11, East. Falmouth 145.210 -0.600 CC:9, Martha’s Vineyard145.180 -0.600 CC:10, and Walpole 145.380 -0.600 CC:12.
4. Plymouth Repeater 146.685 tone 131.8
5 Bridgewater Repeater for Net closing.

NET Protocol: Please wait for Net Control to ask for Check-ins. When asked to check in please use the standard net check-in procedure which is: Here is.., un-key, wait 3 seconds to check for doubling, then give your or your facilities call sign, your first name, and your facility’s name.

We extend an invitation to any health care facility, EOC of any city or town as well as RACES or ARES members to check in during the NET. We are always looking for groups or organizations to try their hand at Net Control duties. If you are interested in trying your hand at Net Control please let us know. We can be reached by sending an email to ssharg@outlook.com or replying to this message. The goal is to rotate Net Control practice and the experience among as many individuals and groups as possible. We thank the repeater trustees for their generosity in allowing us to conduct these monthly nets and the use of their systems in an actual event.

We hope to hear you Saturday.

Jeff N1SOM, Secretary, and the SSH group

South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group
55 Fogg Rd. Mail-Stop 42
South Weymouth, MA 02190

New England QSO Party, May 6-7, 2023, How to Operate and Submit

New England QSO Party logoKen Caruso, WO1N, writes on the Billerica ARC mailing list:

Hi all,

A few questions have trickled in. I sometimes forget I am one of those “Contesters” (aaacckk!) and I take a lot for granted because I’ve been doing it so long.

While many a contester was born on Field Day, in fact FD is quite a challenge because of the environment, unfamiliarity with radios and logging software, marginal antenna, noise etc. The [New England QSO Party] is a great opportunity to learn to be a proficient contester using your own equipment/home station that you are comfortable with.

You probably don’t want to be using your general purpose logging program for the event. A contest logger will help make contacts go much smoother. I can highly recommend N1MM+ (hint, this is what we have been using for Field Day logging). It is free and probably the most feature rich contest logging solution available. There are others like WriteLog ($), N3JFP (free), I am not as familiar with those.

A detail description of setting up N1MM+ is beyond the scope of this message. If you are new to it and have questions about its setup, drop me a note or give me a call and I can help walk you through it.

Anyone can call CQ and you can answer anyone calling CQ NEQP. Note there are at least two other QSO parties going on at the same time this weekend. Don’t sweat it, just log what they give you.

A typical SSB Exchange when you are calling CQ might go like:

  • You: CQ NEQP WO1N
  • Participant: WI1ZRD
  • You: WI1ZRD 59 MIDMA
  • Participant: 59 MIDMA
  • You: QSL, WO1N NEQP

If the participant is not in New England they will give their state, or possibly county+state (like we do). Just log what they give you.

If they are DX they might say their country but you would log as “DX”.

Club Competition / Submittal:

So, you have entered the contest using your own call and category. To support the Club Competition:

At the end of the event, the contest sponsors need a “Cabrillo” formatted file for your entry. Cabrillo is a standard format that all the contest sponsors have agreed upon.

Use your own call sign and after the event make sure the Cabrillo file that is generated calls out the Billerica Amateur Radio Society on the “Club” line. The header will look like this:

CLUB: Billerica Amateur Radio Society


The sponsors will take care of the rest, they will just group all entries with the same Club call out, total them up and that determines the Club’s standing. Your individual score will also be shown on the results page under the category you entered (Single Op etc.).

If you are using a purpose built Contest logger as I recommended, when you input your Station Configuration info there is the opportunity to define you Club name. Otherwise, you can edit the header after the fact and add the line shown above.

N1MM+, will generate the Cabrillo file for you (File à Generate Cabrillo) and store it on your disk as callsign.log (e.g. wo1n.log).

Use the sponsors log submittal page (https://neqp.contesting.com/neqpsubmitlog.php ) and follow the instructions. Upload your callsign.log You should be all set, you’ve entered the contest and supported the Club Competition effort at the same time.

Finally, to keep your logbook up-to-date, you would import an ADIF of the event log. N1MM+ will generate for you. (File à Export à Generate ADIF).

What happens if we win?

We all go to Disney!

Wait no, that’s a different competition….

The Club would receive a nice plaque. In this case the Yankee Clipper Contest Club sponsors the plaque. By tradition, the winning Club President gets to keep the plaque, displayed proudly on their contest Wall of Fame, forever.


Ken – WO1N

Reminder: Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net – Monday May 1st, 2023 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater System

Hello to all…

The May Eastern Massachusetts ARES section net will be Monday May 1st, 2023 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater system.

For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site detailing the repeaters that will be linked in through Hub 1:
https://mmra.org/repeaters/repeater_linking.html (Click the ARES box to see the repeaters and other systems linked)

We would also like to encourage any ARES members who have Winlink capability to participate and send a message to WX1BOX@winlink.org and AB1PH@winlink.org as a prep for the National Winlink ETO Exercise scheduled for Saturday 5/13/23. The details can be seen in this document:

We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net. We will have several announcements for the net Monday evening.

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com
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Reminder: May 1st, 2023 MEMA RACES/ACS Communications Test Net

Hello to all,

      This email is a reminder that this evening, May 1st, 2023 is the first non-holiday Monday of the month and, as such, is our RACES/ACS/Preparedness Net night. We will be holding our sector nets on the normally assigned frequencies. I have attached the information regarding the upcoming ARES exercise and I would like to encourage all RACES operators to participate if possible. I will be sending out an updated exercise document from Frank, WQ1O soon. Frank is well known for his exercises as they are interesting, challenging and thorough.  

      As always, I am looking for Net Control stations to staff our sector nets for the evening. This month I will not be able to run the Sector 2A net and will be looking for someone to run this net in my absence. I am also looking for NCS operators to lead the Sector 2B (Plymouth County) net. Sector 2D has already arranged for an NCS operator for this month’s net and Sector 2C is a Winlink only net on a monthly basis.

           The 6-meter net has generally been a very informal net. We have received an update that repairs have been implemented on the repeater. Please report any comms testing on the repeater so that those repairs can be verified.

              For any operators interested in performing the duties of Net Control Station (NCS), there are materials available to make the task fairly simple and straight forward. The net pre-amble and role call lists are available at http://wc1mab.org/RACES_R2_Interim_Preamble.pdf and http://wc1mab.org/Month.php with the role call lists on the left column near the bottom. If anyone is worried that they mess up running a net, please remember that, in many cases, a less than perfect net is WAY better than no net at all! At the conclusion of any net, any operator that acted as Net Control Operator should send a note to WC1MAB@gmail.com letting me know who ran the net and who checked in so that the proper numbers can be reported to our served agencies. We can not always count on our normal net control operators to be available in the event of a large scale emergency, so every RACES operator should be prepared to act as NCO if needed when disaster and emergency strikes!  

Winlink Net Instructions From Don Rolph: 

EasternMA ARES Pre-exercise 0501 V1.7

   I continue to ask that any operators who have the time, please try to check into sector nets from near-by sections. This will allow our Net Control Operators to practice fielding nets with a strong check-in count and will also serve to help practice with relays or modified sector assignments in the event that a single repeater is out of service. 

   For those operators who serve as Net Control Operators, please try to remember to send me a list of the stations and communities that check into your nets. The numbers are reported to MEMA to show them our level of participation. I am continuing to work on a graphical map based report to show which parts of our section have strong coverage and which areas may need a more targeted recruitment campaign to improve our ability to provide back-up communications in an emergency.

The Region #2 and State Net Schedule for this evening is as follows:

Net Frequency/Offset Time
Sector 2A 147.00 /+0.60  PL 19:30 Local
Sector 2B 145.39/-0.60  PL 67.0 20:00 Local
Sector 2C Winlink Net Check-In 6AM-Midnight Local Time
Sector 2D 146.865/-0.60  PL 103.5 19:30 Local
6-Meter State Net 53.31 / -1.0  PL 71.9  


Note: 53.31 has been reported as being repaired and back online. Please report tests on this repeater so that we can verify the repairs/improvements made to the repeater.

19:00 Local
MA RACES HF Net 3930 KHz LSB moving up to 3955 KHz until there is a clear frequency 18:45 Local
MA MEMA NBEMS Net Frequency:  3584.5 MHx, Center Frequency: 1500 Hz, Initial mode: THOR22 19:00 Local

    I appreciate you all answering the call to help our communities remain prepared. Thank you all for helping us keep things on track and prove that we remain a consistent source of communication capability to the Commonwealth. This net provides a monthly reminder to our communities and served agencies that we stand ready with a quiet professionalism prepared to serve as a voice to whomever needs one to get help and resources to where they need to be.

 If you know someone who would benefit from being on this list, please have them contact me at   WC1MAB@gmail.com and I will add them to this distribution. Thank you all!

      If anyone has any questions or comments I can be reached by e-mail or cell phone. Thanks for being a part of our team and I look forward to hearing back on who can participate this month.


Michael Leger (N1YLQ)

MEMA Region #2 RACES Officer

C: 386-566-7666

Massachusetts RACES Nets – Monday 5/1/23 for HF, Region 2D VHF, NBEMS & Winlink – Times and Details Below

Don Rolph-AB1PH-Norfolk County ARES Emergency Coordinator writes:

The MEMA RACES nets are held on the first Monday of the month, unless the first Monday is a holiday, when it is delayed one week. For May 2023, the RACES nets will be held on Mon May 1.

The RACES nets will be held on Mon May 1 at:

The HF net will start at 6:45 PM ET: using the following frequency plan:
We will start at 3930 KHz moving up to 3955 KHz until there is a clear frequency,
Marc Stern WA1R will be net control.
Region 2D VHF net:
7:30 PM ET VHF net on 146.865 MHz PL 103.5 (Sharon Repeater)

We will have a general call up of any RACES, ARES, or other interested stations. If there is time, we will have a simplex test.

Don Rolph using WA1PLE will be net control.
7:00 PM ET
Dial Frequency: 3584.5 MHx
Center Frequency: 1500 Hz
Initial mode: THOR22

We will have checkins, followed by an ICS-213 format message using FLMSG.
Alan Richard WA1AR will be net control.
Winlink Net:

The full instructions for this month’s Winlink Net are available at the following link:

We look forward to you checking in!

Don Rolph

“International Marconi Day: National Parks Director Makes QSO”

IMC Day photo of National Parks Service Director SamsFrom The ARRL Letter, April 27, 2023:

International Marconi Day celebrates the accomplishments of radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi on the Saturday closest to his birthday each year. Stations around the world activate a special operating event to celebrate.

National Parks Service Director Charles ” Chuck” Sams, III (left) operates as KM1CC from the South Wellfleet Historic Site at Cape Cod National Seashore. Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club Trustee Barbara Dougan, N1NS, (right). (Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club KM1CC, photo)

On January 18, 1903, the first public two-way wireless communication occurred between the United States and Europe. A message from President Theodore Roosevelt was sent to King Edward VII from the South Wellfleet site. The site is preserved within the Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts. [full story]

Joint Stow-Marlborough ARES Radio Drill and WinLink Training – Saturday 5/6/23 1000 AM-200 PM

To: Stow area ARES and Marlborough ARES Teams
From: Eric Williams, KV1J, Marlborough EMA and Bob Glorioso, W1IS, Stow ARES

We are planning a joint Stow-Marlborough radio exercise the morning of Saturday, May 6, 2023. After lunch, we are planning to hold a training session on the WinLink radio messaging tool at the Marlborough Fire Station Emergency Operations Center. Similar to previous drills, our purpose is test and practice communications capabilities within our region using multiple frequency bands and methods. We will also have a remote station setup at the Crow Island air strip.

One of the areas we want to improve our skills is the ability to communicate text style messages without the dependency of the internet or cellular systems. Over the past couple decades, the WinLink system has been an effective tool for digital message transmission. In the past Marlborough EMA has been using WinLink but the equipment at our EOC used older hardware. We have recently upgraded our equipment as have the Stow ARES group. In the afternoon, Carl Howe, WG1V, will give a presentation to the Stow and Marlborough ARES teams on the use of WinLink.

Schedule for Saturday May 6
1000 – 1030 hrs – Western Middlesex area ARES net on the W1STO Stow Remote Base frequency – 147.435 MHz PL 110.9 Hz
1030 – 1045 hrs – Marlborough EMA net with Stow check-ins – N1EM repeater – 446.675 MHz PL 88.5 Hz
1045 – 1100 hrs – Marlborough EMA secondary freq net – KV1J repeater – 147.240 MHz PL 71.9 Hz
1100 – 1200 hrs – HF tests – 75 meters 3930 or 3940 KHz+- , 60 meters 5330.5 KHz, 6 meters WC1MA MEMA repeater 53.310 MHz pl 71.9 hz
also other bands with Crow Is and also WinLink tests
1200 noon – start to congregate at the Marlborough Fire Station EOC (215 Maple St, Marlborough). Get take-out lunch from Kennedy’s Deli or McDonalds. Both only 400 ft from the station. Eat lunch at the Fire Station.
1300 – 1400 hrs – WinLink presentation by Carl, WG1V, at the Fire Station.

For the Marlborough Team, please let me know if you want to be at the EOC for the morning to operate the radios. Bob will coordinate the Stow operations.

Hope to see you, or at least hear you on the air, on Saturday May 6th. Thank you for your support of our regional emergency radio communications capabilities.


Eric Williams, Marlborough Emergency Management, Bob Glorioso, Stow ARES

KM1CC International Marconi Day Special Events Station Hosts National Parks Director Sams

From KM1CC—Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club Facebook page:

KM1CC’s International Marconi Day special event operation [on April 22, 2023] at the historic Marconi Wireless Station Site hosted National Park Service Director Charles Sams.

Director Sams made a scheduled contact with W1AW at ARRL Headquarters. Then he made a CQ call that made contact with K1KLF operating in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Watch the video for his message to the ARRL and the ham radio community.

2023 KM1CC Marconi Day Operation with NPS Director Sams
L-R: National Parks Service Director Charles Sams; Barbara Dougan, N1NS; Barry Hutchinson, KB1TLR at the 2023 International Marconi Day festivities

Massachusetts K2H “13 Colonies” Special Events, July 1-7, 2023, Sign Up By June 1

2022 13 Colonies K2H QSL card
2022 13 Colonies K2H QSL card

From nediv.arrl.org:

Larry Krainson, W1AST, writes:

It’s 13 Colonies time again and that means Massachusetts K2H is looking for ham that would like to activate.
The special event runs 7 days from July 1 through July 7.
Team K2H is looking for ops. Last year we made over 21,300 QSOs during those 7 days. We are hoping to exceed that this year. Would you like to be part of Team K2H?
If yes, then go here and fill in the form:
Larry, W1AST will be in touch with you.
Would you like to know more? You can go here to learn about 13 Colonies: http://13colonies.us or contact Larry, W1AST at W1AST@arrl.net.
The last day to sign up is June 1, 2023.

Boston ARC “QRV” For New England QSO Party

Boston ARC logoScott Gaudet, K1SU, writes on the Boston ARC mailing list:

Joe, N1QD; Brandan, NW1S and I scouted Millennium Park [West Roxbury, Suffolk County] yesterday afternoon. We can only use one station, so we will just use battery power for the radio and computer.

We will operate [in the New England QSO Party] as multi-operator, one station since there is no category for multi op multi station . We think there will be plenty of room. We plan to use the Buddihex™ and a wire for 40m. Remember to bring your own food as lunch will not be provided. Bring a chair for yourself and lets all enjoy each other’s company.

The following have confirmed for Sunday:


Anyone else?

I can put a Google spreadSheet together if we’d like to sign up for one-half- or one-hour intervals. 

Scott, K1SU

W1AW/1 Massachusetts Volunteers On The Air a Great Success!

VOTA logoFrom nediv.arrl.org:

Larry Krainson, W1AST, writes:

The Massachusetts W1AW/1 Volunteers On The Air event was held from April 12th through April 18th. Team VOTA MA consisted of 15 hams contributing to a total of 9449 QSOs. It was a team effort and everyone contributed!

I would like to thank the following hams for their part in the MA Spring VOTA effort. They made it a success:

    • AB1UT
    • AF1R
    • AG1C
    • K1NZ
    • K1UR
    • KJØD (operating remotely thru K1TTT)
    • KX1X
    • N1FTP
    • N1MGO
    • N1SOH
    • W1AST
    • W1FJ
    • W1FM
    • WA1OEZ
    • WA3SWJ

There were plenty of pileups in all the modes including FTx, CW and SSB right up to the last minute of operation.

W1AW/1 Massachusetts VOTA will activate again the first week of November. If your transmitter is in MA and you would like to join the team, contact Larry, W1AST at W1AST@arrl.net.

USS Massachusetts / NE1PL Operation, April 22, 2023

NE1PL QSL cardRick Emord, KB1TEE, writes on the Whitman ARC mailing list:

Good afternoon/evening everyone:

The USTNR [Uncommon Service to Nautical Radio] will be once again on the USS Massachusetts in the Wardroom annex on the main deck port side (left side). We will be operating from 1000-1530 (10:00 am – 3:30 pm) . We will arrive around 0830-0845; gate access on the left side of the ship’s store building. Anyone who would like to come down and operate is more than welcome. We will have a couple of HF radios set up. We are usually on 40 and 20 meters around .259 of course starting with 7 or 14. We hope you can come down. If you’re later than 0900, you can sign in at the ship’s store in the volunteer log book on the left side of the desk. Look for the USTNR page to sign in.

We will be celebrating the Motor Torpedo Boats of World War II (PT boats). Our local hero, John F. Kennedy, was on such a boat in August of 1943—80 years ago—when it was sunk in combat in the Pacific.

You can call my cell phone if there is any problems: 508-844-7856

Thank you,

Rick Emord, KB1TEE

W1MGY QRV for Titanic Anniversary, April 12-14, 2023

W1MGY QSL cardFrom the Titanic Marconi Memorial Radio Association Of Cape Cod (W1MGY) QRZ.com:

The Titanic event for 2023 is fast approaching. 

Sorry for the long delay, but it was difficult getting responses from the Seashore. Just heard yesterday (yes, Easter) that it was a go. This week is expected to be beautiful weather. I will need help setting up on Tuesday afternoon [April 11, 2023]. I plan on being there setting up Titanic displays and inside equipment around 2 PM and will plan on setting up antennas around 3 PM.

I have had several express a desire to operate, but no one is yet actually signed up. I had one but something came up and they will not be able to operate. We will operate on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Friday after 4 PM we need to remove all antennas and equipment.

A couple of new emails this AM as I try to get this out. I will put in the times you requested. Attached is a pdf of the times. Thank you to all.

Barry / KB1TLR ; Trustee / W1MGY

[This is a radio group to promote and preserve radio history by preserving the memorial call sign of the HMS Titanic, “MGY”.]
W1MGY 2023 Tentative Operating Schedule
W1MGY 2023 Tentative Operating Schedule

Massachusetts VOTA Week, April 12-19, 2023

Volunteer On The Air logoLarry Krainson, W1AST, writes:

Massachusetts is ready and anxious to work everyone during its spring VOTA (Volunteers On The Air) week starting Wednesday, April 12th and going through Tuesday, April 19th.

We have a team of 17 amateurs that will be operating on all bands on multiple modes. We even have hams located in “other” states remoting through transmitters located in Massachusetts through K1TTT and some other stations.

We will be operating as W1AW/1 and per VOTA rules, each contact will be worth 5 points. Those of the team ops that have field or other positions may also be running their own call alongside the W1AW/1 to give you additional points as well. For example, if I am operating I can also run as my own call W1AST and not only give you the state W1AW/1 for 5 points contact but a 30-point contact as well. This is up to each VOTA MA op if they decide to do so.

All the points are calculated via LOTW submissions. There are no paper logs and no physical QSL cards; it’s all done via LOTW.

Watch for the spots being posted and find W1AW/1 and work us. I hope to hear you on the air!


Larry, W1AST
VOTA MA Manager

Reminder: Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net – Monday April 3rd 2023 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater System

Hello to all…

The April Eastern Massachusetts ARES section net will be Monday April 3rd, 2023 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater system.

For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site detailing the repeaters that will be linked in through Hub 1:
https://mmra.org/repeaters/repeater_linking.html (Click the ARES box to see the repeaters and other systems linked)

We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net. We will have several announcements for the net Monday evening.

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com
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