KC1DKY Fox Deployed in Billerica, August 9, 2019

Nick Mollo, KC1DKY, writes on the foxhunting list at 11:08 AM on Friday, August 9 2019:

Get your HTs and your bug spray and head to Billerica to hunt for my fox.  Fox is on 146.525MHz, and a DTMF of 1 will activate it for 20minutes or so.  If it does not seem to be transmitting, try a few DTMF #’s to kick start it (I sometimes think someone is messing with the programming).  Be sure to sign the log book if you find it.

Happy Hunting!

One Comment on “KC1DKY Fox Deployed in Billerica, August 9, 2019”

  1. Nick Mollo, KC1DKY, writes on the foxhunting list at 1:17 PM on Friday, August 12, 2019:

    I retrieved my fox during lunch, and much to my dismay, I suspect the programming on it was changed because upon activating it, the LED flashes, but it’s not transmitting. This leads me to believe the delay time was mysteriously changed. I will check it tonight at home. I cannot tell you when this happened, but it was after 1 pm on Saturday when I activated it myself while driving through the area.

    Two hunters found the fox on Saturday, Barry, W1HFN, right before George, K1IG (took him 16 minutes to find it). I’ll give Bob, W1FDR props because he would likely have found it (even without the clues), had he NOT carefully read my email, which incorrectly listed the tx frequency as .525 instead of .565–that’s the plank in my eye because I always pick out Barry’s errors in his e-mails, but completely missed my own. Sorry Bob–and yes, apparently neither George or Barry got the memo–but that’s ok.

    I’m going to wait until the bugs decrease before my next deployment because the midge are AWEFUL right now! And I wasn’t even hunting!

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