MITRE-Bedford ARC Will Hold Reorganizational Meeting, August 29, 2019

Adam Jenkins, AB1N, writes on the MITRE-Bedford mailing list:

The MITRE Bedford Amateur Radio Club will hold a meeting on Thursday, August 29, 2019, from 12-12:30 pm for the purposes of holding a special election for new officers, and voting on a proposed constitution/bylaw amendment (to remove paying dues as a requirement for membership). The club has been dormant for several years, so to the best of my understanding, all former memberships (which were based on annual payment of dues) and officers (which were 1-year terms tied to active membership) have lapsed. As a former officer of the club, I am announcing this meeting to the mbarc-list in the event that any former members would like to attend and participate. The meeting will be held in room 1M306, which is the publicly accessible conference room located off the M lobby.

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