Amateurs to Contact Military Station on 60 Meters During Simulated Emergency Test, November 3, 2019

Tom Kinahan, N1CPE, writes:

As you may know, WMA section is conducting an ARRL Simulated Emergency Test on Sunday [November 3, 2019]. As a connection to that, I am getting a government station on 60 meters to communicate with amateur stations on channel 1 at 9 AM tomorrow.


Amateurs Contact Military Stations on 60 Meters

A government station call up amateur stations on 60-meter channel 1 (Dial 5.3305 MHz) at 9am Sunday (11/3/19) for the purpose of getting situational awareness reports. Amateurs will be asked for any known failures of infrastructure in their county such as water, power, telecommunications, sewer, medical, and also their zip code. If they don’t know of any failures, then they report no failures. Reports of no failures are just as important as failures.

This call up will be shortly after the Western Mass Emergency Net on 3.944 at 8:30 AM.

There will be a 60-meter broadcast on Nov 17 at 0301Z. (That is Saturday night in two weeks.)

The broadcast will be voice and digital. The Digital mode is M110A, and the software is available on the website under software.

under x86 MS-DMT.

Amateurs can use this mode on 60 meters only, and will facilitate interoperation with Military and other government stations.

All reports must be real life reports. Do not make up situations.

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