KB1REQ: “Mobile Antennas for Amateur Radio Operation” at Minuteman Repeater Association Online Meeting, November 18, 2020

MMRA logoFrom the MMRA Newsletter, November 2020:

Jeremy Breef-Pilz, KB1REQ, will present “Mobile Antennas for Amateur Radio Operation” at the Minuteman Repeater Association (MMRA) membership meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 7:30 PM via ZOOM. Members: login to the MMRA webpage for the link; non-members: send an email to contact@mmra.org.

This presentation will be a wide ranging discussion of mobile antennas used at VHF and UHF frequencies underpinned by some basic antenna theory to motivate an overview of the practical differences in products on the market and installation techniques. Examples will include both products that are aimed at the Amateur Radio market as well as exposure to some from the commercial LMR market. The goal is for attendees to come away with a better understanding of mobile antennas making them a more skilled operator and informed consumer.

Jeremy lives in the suburbs south of Boston and has been a ham since 2008. Hobby interests include repeater installation, VHF/UHF digital modes as well as HF contesting. A graduate of Northeastern University, Jeremy currently works as a systems engineer for Motorola Solutions.

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