Oxbow Nat’l Wildlife Refuge, Devins Activated POTA K-0327, January 17, 2021

Oxbow POTA antenna photoSteve Ciavarini, NQ1F, writes on the Wellesley ARS mailing list:
I just returned from activating another POTA, K-0327, at Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, in Devens, MA, at the Bill Ashe Visitors Center. Due to Covid-19, the center was closed and not a soul showed up. But it made for an easy first-activation POTA, since the site has easy access to the forest from the parking lot. 
I worked 20m SSB and CW, for a total of 25 contacts and many P2P contacts. I finally got to work Mike, K8MRD, who is a POTA addict and produces a wonderful YouTube POTA series.  I set up my full-height vertical with 8 ground radials, operating my FT-891 at 50 W.

All photos:   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AtnjiGa3Hsvj74sbQyUsqAAYMn7hUTXR?usp=sharing


 If you are interested in participating in POTA, let me know.


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