W1HFN Fox Deployed in NE Mass, April 7-12, 2021

Eliot's canine, Noah
The fox and the hound: W1MJ’s “helper,” Noah, sniffed out the fox, visible in the hollow tree trunk.

Barry Fox, W1HFN,  deployed his hidden transmitter in Northeast Massachusetts on April 7. His fox transmits on 146.565 with a 20-second voice ID every minute. 

Barry decided to make it a real puzzler.  The only clue he gave for a location was:  GC1AV7V. 

“It should be easy enough in this computer age, but if you get stuck, email me.” 

On April 12, Barry wrote, “Retrieved the fox today. The finders were:  Bob, W1FDR; George, K1IG; and Eliot, W1MJ.” He adds, “Watch this spot for more fox hunt adventures!”

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