W1MGY QRV for Titanic Anniversary, April 11-15, 2021

W1MGY QSL cardFrom the Titanic Marconi Memorial Radio Association Of Cape Cod (W1MGY)  QRZ.com website:

The Titanic event for 2021 is fast approaching. We will be operating for more time this year from stations of TMMRACC members. Hopefully CW, SSB & FT8 modes will all be covered.

Operating times as operators available:

Sunday Apr. 11th 13:30 Zulu (9:30 EDT) – 02:00 Zulu (12TH) (10:00 pm EDT)

Monday Apr. 12th 10:00 Zulu (06:00 am EDT) – 02:00 Zulu (13th) (10:00 pm EDT)

Tues. Apr. 13th 10:00 Zulu (06:00 am EDT) – 02:00 Zulu (14th) (10:00 pm EDT)

Wed. Apr. 14th 10:00 Zulu (06:00 am EDT) – 06:20 Zulu ( 01:20 EDT) 15th

Operating is being done in two-hour shifts. A high percentage of shifts are covered, but not all. If you would like to operate in a time slot for this event, please contact W1MGY trustee Barry, KB1TLR. We will make all particulars known to operators.

This year the Grid Square is FN41xr.

This is a relatively new radio group to promote and preserve radio history by preserving the memorial call sign of the HMS Titanic.

We urge you to check out the many facets of this disaster especially as it relates to the significance of radio today and possible links to current emergency radio services. There is a wealth of information available on line about Jack Phillips ( senior radio operator of the Titanic) and the disaster itself. In researching, it is amazing how much relates to radio practices today.

Come explore and enjoy. And hopefully we’ll meet on the air waves, 73

If you live or visit the Northeast and would like to join the Association or participate in special events, send your name, call sign, mailing address, e-mail and contact phone number to w1mgycc@gmail.com. You can, of course, e-mail it. We will keep you advised as to events. Thanks for your interest, 73.

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