Bristol County Repeater Association Fox Hunt, Fall River Vicinity, May 22, 2021

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The next BCRA Fox Hunt has been scheduled on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

Communications with “Fox Control” can all be done over the BCRA repeater, including checking in when you have found the fox. You may also speak with us in the control vehicle using physical distancing, if you wish.

Check-ins will begin at 9:45 am on the BCRA repeater, 145.150 MHz PL 123. Chat and help on the repeater also.

The Fox will activate at 10:00 am on 146.565 MHz FM with a 5 watt signal and will transmit 1 minute of tone followed by Morse Code ID and 4 minutes of silence. The hunt will last until 2:00 pm or until all checked in participants have found the transmitter, whichever comes first.

The Fox will be located within a 10 mile radius of the intersection of President Avenue (Rt. 6) and North Main Street in Fall River. ( Latitude 41.7159 Longitude -71.1510 )

The Fox (in my vehicle, a blue/grey Jeep Commander marked BCRA) will be in a public place and will be manned at all times. When you have found the fox your time and order of arrival will be recorded and a personalized certificate will be emailed to each participant.

Participants are encouraged to work in teams, and are asked to drive carefully and observe all applicable guidelines, both from the FCC and the state & local governments. Since participants are receiving only (except for radio check-ins) an amateur radio license is not required.

Email questions to Skip at or text to 774-644-3469. After the hunt, your comments, impressions, and suggestions will be welcome!

Join us and have some good amateur radio fun!

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  1. Skip Denault, KB1CNB, writes on May 22, 2021:

    Thanks everyone for participating in today’s hunt! Despite the repeater going down, we had a good time with eight hunt vehicles four of whom found the Fox! if you didn’t find us, we were at the Old Dighton Town Hall at 1111 Somerset Ave., Dighton – Route 138, about a mile and a quarter south of the Taunton line. (41.8376350, -71.1175900).

    We welcome any comments, suggestions, or questions that you might have and let us know how close you were. We are looking forward to the next hunt and we will let you know when we have it nailed down. Certificates will be in the email Monday.

    Again, thanks for participating!

    For the BCRA and the Fox
    Skip, KB1CNB

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