WA5EYI: “Asheville (NC) Radio Museum Virtual Tour” at Sci-Tech ARS Meeting, August 3, 2021

New England Sci Tech logoComing Tuesday, August 3 at the Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society:  Asheville Radio Museum (North Carolina) virtual tour by Stuart Smolkin, WA5EYI, Museum Curator.  https://www.avlradiomuseum.org  Stuart originally became licensed as a ham decades ago and then, several years ago, regained his license and began volunteering at the museum. He is a retired business executive with a passion for technology who enjoys entertaining and educating visitors about the wonders of radio waves and their huge importance to our daily lives.

[For Zoom conference information, email Bob Phinney, K5TEC, at bobphinney -at- nescitech -dot- org or call 508-720-4179.]

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