Winlink Thursdays: A Great Tool for EmComm

Winlink logoLarry Gray, W1IZZ, writes on the Falmouth ARA website:

WinLink Thursdays are a great way to learn how to use the Winlink radio email system for effective emergency communication messaging.  See ARES Letter Issues ( to read one ham’s experience.

Each WinLink Thursday session provides an opportunity to learn a new WinLink feature and practice using WinLink by sending a message to our regional clearinghouse.

To learn more, subscribe to the EmComm Training groups by going to: | Home

and subscribing to the group.  You can also look through the message archive by clicking the Messages “button” in the upper left of the page to read about earlier WinLink Thursday sessions.

Both Mel, KC1ELB and I are regular WinLink Thursday participants, so we can provide some local assistance as necessary.

Larry, W1IZZ

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