Baystate Marathon/Half-Marathon Support, October 17, 2021

Terry Stader, KA8SCP, writes on mass-ares-races-skywarn-general mailing list:
For a number of reasons, past volunteers are a little short so far, so I am once more asking for volunteers. 
This is a pretty easy event relaying back to “Net Control” bib numbers of the runners who have required transportation off of the course for what ever issue. We collect those numbers and make sure the families are able to find where their runner is if they did not see them on the course. 
The role we play is very much a “health and welfare” service, a fundamental piece of what Amateur Radio is all about!
All you need to bring with you is a 2 meter portable radio. Most locations you could even bring your own fold up camp chair (make sure but is well marked as yours!) and set up shop at a fixed location.
There is a general requirement that all volunteers be wearing mask and to be vaccinated. 
I’ll be meeting with race officials tomorrow and may have additional information.
Please let me know if you need more info or would like to volunteer!
Thanks for your consideration!
Terry M Stader KA8SCP <>

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