Saturday January 8, 2022 Eastern Massachusetts Hospital Net Cancelled

Good evening,

It is with great disappointment that I send this note notifying you all that we will not hold a January Net. We had hoped that we could start the new year off on a positive note and even though most of you have still not returned to your regular facilities shacks, we were hoping for a large turnout from home and mobile stations. Being able to run the net from South Shore Hospital’s shack and communicate with its wide area coverage would make that possible.

We do have access to our shack. however, we have been informed by our group’s Vice President, Karen N1VI, also a medical professional at South Shore hospital that given the hospitals current environment, high patient counts and staff shortages (which comes as no surprise, all hospitals statewide are in the same boat) that it would be advisable for our group to cancel our January meeting (and net) and not tempt Covid with our presence.

I occasionally kid Karen about her call N1 Very Intelligent, and how appropriate it is. We all have great respect for her knowledge and opinion especially regarding anything of a medical nature. Our group agreed to take Karen’s suggestion.

We hope everyone is being very cautious, getting vaccinated and boosted, and wearing a mask in public in the presence of people you don’t know the status of.

I gave a neighbor a ride to an appointment for eye surgery the other day. Even though I knew both of us are fully vaccinated and boosted we both wore KN95 masks.

I look forward to next month. hopefully things will be better and we can all get back to our monthly net.

Keep your fingers crossed and mask up.

John O’ K1JRO and the members of the South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Group

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