Falmouth ARA Field Day 2023


JUNE 23 (setup), JUNE 24 and 25

Field Day 2023 will be dedicated to Geoff Allsup, W1OH (SK)

The planning for FARA Field Day 2023 is underway. As always, we cannot do Field Day without help from many club members.

This year, we would like to run a 2A station as we did pre-pandemic. This means erecting 2 of our military towers. Station power will be supplied by Jim, KC1KM, and his propane generator.

Setup will begin as usual by meeting at the club’s container off Currier Road in Falmouth, next to the cell tower. GPS coordinates are 41.615659, -70.538876.

We’ll meet there at 1 PM on Friday, June 23 and will need many hands to load the towers. We already have two trucks lined up but could use more, especially one with roof racks to load the beam antennas. We will then proceed to the Morse Pond School and begin setup. Setup will continue the next morning at 8:30 AM.

We will have the FARA comms trailer on site as an operating station and will also use the permanent on-site tents as a food shelter and rest area. A porta-john will be on site as usual.

We are planning for our usual Saturday evening cookout at 5 PM. Mike, KC1HKW, and Gene, KX1C, will plan and cook the food. We could use a few casserole, salad and dessert dishes. Please contact me at k1wcc@comcast.net and let me know if you can bring something. On Sunday morning, Jim, KC1KM, and Charlie, K1CB, will be cooking breakfast for members at 7 A.M.

Operating will be conducted from the trailer on-site. Greg, K1KM, will be operating CW this time along with a few other club members. If you would like to schedule some phone operating, please let me know. We operate a 24 hour schedule. If you are interested in organizing a GOTA station on-site, please let me know.

Takedown is at 2 PM Sunday, when we lower the towers, disassemble the antennas and return all items to our container. This is a labor intensive activity so we need as many hams on hand as possible. We will again require at least two trucks for the towers and a vehicle with racks for the antennas.

Let’s hope for good weather, good bands and especially a SAFE and FUN Field Day!

Henry, K1WCC


phone 774-392-1158



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